Chief Prosecutor Submits ‘Barcelonagate’ Evidence in Request to Prosecute Boyko Borisov

Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev submitted additional materials to the parliament regarding his request for Boyko Borisov’s immunity. They contain documents from a search related to the “Barcelonagate” affair. It checks money laundering for the purchase of a house in Barcelona.

The Chief Prosecutor sent to the 49th National Assembly additional materials to the submitted request for permission to initiate criminal prosecution against People’s Representative Boyko Borisov, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The materials are related to the pre-trial proceedings of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, known in the media as “Barcelonagate”, and contain evidence related to the subject of the investigation.

The materials contain a protocol for the search and seizure of a property, approved by a ruling by the Sofia City Court, with which numerous physical evidence – documents and electronic devices – were seized. Attached are also a protocol for voluntary surrender, a report from an inspection by the SDVR on the occasion of assigned operative-search measures and a request for legal assistance to the Republic of Turkey, prepared by the “International” department of the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office.

2023-06-06 10:59:31

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