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Celebrating the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Heilongjiang ice and snow activities are in full swing_Huaao Star|Sports Industry Platform

One year ago, on February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off, and Beijing became the only “Double Olympic City” in the world. On the field, Heilongjiang sports people fully demonstrated the connotation of Longjiang sports spirit to the whole country and the world. One year later, the children of Heilongjiang gathered in various ice and snow sports venues in Heilongjiang Province in response to the Ninth National Public Ice and Snow Season series of activities, and used their simple and enthusiastic ways to carry out various ice and snow sports to celebrate the Beijing Winter Festival. The first anniversary of the successful hosting of the Olympic Games has attracted many ice and snow enthusiasts from all over the country to participate and share this unforgettable moment.

Let the “Iron Man of Ice” move

On February 4, the 2023 Harbin National Winter Triathlon Championships fired at the Harbin Sun Island Snow Expo. This event is the highest-level individual sports event in China. It will be held online and offline, and a branch venue will be set up in Vladivostok. At the same time, 3172 people participated in the competition online. Harbin, known as the city of Olympic champions and the city of winter iron, is the first city in Asia to host the Winter Triathlon World Cup. The holding of the Harbin National Winter Triathlon Championship in 2023 will promote the integrated development of sports, tourism and other industries. The construction of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Harbin) Ice and Snow Sports Demonstration Zone has played a positive role.

Let the “Ice Wheel Star” slide up

On February 4th, the launching ceremony of the Ninth National Mass Ice and Snow Season was held at the National Main Venue supporting events Harbin Station and “Star of the Ice Wheel Skate Up” China Harbin National Mass Speed ​​Skating Marathon, which was held at the Songbei District Public Welfare Ice Rink curtain. A total of 19 groups including professional and non-professional groups were set up in this competition, covering all age groups from 3 to over 70 years old, and attracted 511 professional athletes and skating enthusiasts from more than 20 cities across the country to participate.

Ice skating is a Winter Olympic event, and it is also a sport that combines fitness, competition, fun, and fashion. The speed skating speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour, and the silver light on the ice track at the competition site. The players are not afraid of the severe cold and sprint to the goal, forming a beautiful landscape in the severe winter. The theme of this event is “ignite the passion of Longjiang ice and snow sports, let Longjiang ice and snow sports move! Get hot! Get hot! Get up!”. Come on The Fast and the Furious.

China·Harbin National Mass Speed ​​Skating Marathon is a high-quality sports tourism event in Heilongjiang Province, which has attracted tens of thousands of skating enthusiasts to participate in it. This year, Heilongjiang Province has made multi-dimensional efforts in supply, industry, service, and supervision, striving to cultivate new kinetic energy for the ice and snow industry, create new growth points for the ice and snow economy, and focus on building ice and snow. Sports, ice and snow culture, ice and snow equipment, and ice and snow tourism are supported by the “four major industries”. The modern ice and snow economic system actively explores the characteristic development path of Longjiang, which transforms “ice and snow” into “golden mountains and silver mountains”.

Let the “Red Boy” run

On February 4th, the Heilongjiang Province “Running Boys” children’s and adolescents’ themed fitness activity and “Red Teens Parent-Child Walking Together” Cool Walking Activity was held in the Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival Park. Nearly 200 groups of families and more than 400 people from Harbin participated in the event.

This event is one of the “Running Boys” series of activities. Under the theme background of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports” and “millions of teenagers going to ice and snow”, with fun ice and snow sports as the carrier, combined with the theme of red education, setting 14 parent-child fun ice and snow sports such as the red mark. The whole course of the activity is 2.5 kilometers. Parents and children cooperate with each other and advance together until they reach the finish line and complete all the challenges. During the customs clearance process, the children and their parents participated in ice and snow sports together, felt the joy and charm of ice and snow sports together, and had a great time, which further stimulated their enthusiasm for participating in ice and snow activities.

This Heilongjiang Province “Running Youth” children and adolescents theme fitness activity and “Red Teenager Parent-child Walking Together” Cool Walking Activity vigorously promotes the integration of sports and education, promotes the healthy growth of young people, and cultivates socialist successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor , Extensively promote young people to actively participate in fitness activities, exercise their bodies and temper their character. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will continue to work hard to consolidate the achievements of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports” and “millions of teenagers participating in ice and snow”, vigorously build a strong sports province, help the development of ice and snow economy, and promote the level of ice and snow sports in Heilongjiang Province continuous improvement.

Let the “ice and snow car” soar

On February 4th, the 2023 China Jixi Xingkai Lake Ice and Snow Field Off-Road Motor Race opened in the beautiful Xingkai Lake. The venue is set in the small lake of Xingkai Lake in Jixi. The track is 18 meters wide and 3.8 kilometers long. It is divided into five groups: professional group, open group, UTV group, mass production group, and women’s group. The Xingkai Lake Ice and Snow Field Off-Road Car Race is one of the important contents of the “2022-2023 Jixi Ice and Snow Getaway” series of activities, and it is also a high-quality sports event focused on by Heilongjiang Province.

This year’s event has three major highlights: large scale, strong players, and difficult track. 39 teams from all over the country, nearly 120 players, and more than 200 cars participated in the competition, setting a new high in the number of participants over the years. Among them, Du Xuanyi, champion of the 2023 Dakar Rally Rookie Team, Wang Xiang, the off-road world champion, Li Pengcheng, the annual champion of the National Automobile Field Off-Road Championship, and actor and racer Han Dongjun, showed their professional racing skills and demeanor. In order to enhance the confrontation, fun and appreciation of the competition, no artificial modification was made to the ice and snow field in the track setting. During the competition, thrilling and exciting scenes such as natural drifting, turning and U-turn appeared frequently, which attracted the applause of the audience .

In order to ensure the safety of the event, the organizing committee of the event has done a lot of work before the game, and formulated the “2023 China · Jixi Xingkai Lake Ice and Snow Field Off-Road Vehicle Race Safety Emergency Plan”, and purchased for each racer, referee, and staff Accident Liability Insurance and Event Public Insurance. After the field test experience, the design of the straights and curves of the track is scientific and reasonable, with a high safety factor. The thickness of the frozen layer on the ice meets the safety requirements of the ice and snow car race. Participating vehicles, working vehicles, 120 vehicles, police cars, etc. enter. Tourists and spectators can walk to the site along the designated route to watch the opening ceremony and events.

In the middle of winter, Xingkai Lake is frozen for thousands of miles, and the scenery is infinite. While watching the game, the audience can enjoy gourmet food and shopping, taste cold water fish feast, chicken stewed mushrooms and other special delicacies, and buy special products. The beauty of heaven and earth lies in the boundless Xingkai Lake; the fun of rivers and lakes lies in the secret ice and snow. The serene Xingkai Lake in winter and the beauty of wild and passionate racing are perfectly complementary, allowing visitors to experience the endless joy of ice and snow sports and feel the infinite charm of ice and snow sports!

Let the “border town” heat up

Since the opening of the Ninth National Public Ice and Snow Season in Harbin, various places in Heilongjiang Province have successively carried out a series of ice and snow appreciation activities, igniting the black land in the cold winter and dressing up Heilongjiang in the ice and snow. From February 3rd to 5th, in the empty alleys of Suibin County, Hegang City, a small city located on the border of Heilongjiang, people participated in the 2023 “Ice and Snow Appreciation” series of activities in Suibin County, the Ninth National Mass Ice and Snow Season, to experience the joy of ice and snow. hapiness.

During the three-day event, Suibin County carried out 5 activities including ice and snow car challenge, shopping for New Year’s goods and delicacies, ice and snow sports and entertainment, Yangko show, and fireworks show for Lantern Festival. Among them, in the ice and snow sports and entertainment activities, there are not only highly professional competitive events such as speed skating and ice and snow football, but also popular entertainment events such as snow tug-of-war and six-person five-legged.

The event site was crowded with people, the thrilling snow racing, the long street full of New Year’s food, and the interesting ice and snow sports… Let the people on the scene not only enjoy the winter scenery along the river, but also enjoy the excitement and passion of the ice and snow events.

In recent years, Suibin County has successively held various ice and snow cultural activities such as the Winter Fishing Tourism Cultural Festival, the Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Games, and the Snow Sculpture Creative Competition, striving to gradually turn “cold resources” into “hot industries”. This event will further take advantage of the unique ecological ice and snow resources of the Heisong River and the Heisong River in Suibin County, and use the combination of “tourism + ice and snow + competition” to allow visitors to fully experience the infinite charm of ice and snow in the North Country, and fully set off a national participation in ice and snow sports. A new upsurge in ice and snow fitness and ice and snow tourism.

The love of Longjiang sports people for ice and snow sports, the love of Longjiang children for ice and snow activities, and the love of people all over the country for ice and snow culture and ice and snow tourism have already warmed up the cold winter in northern Xinjiang, which is covered in ice and snow for thousands of miles. As the Ninth Public Ice and Snow Season is in full swing, and the series of activities of “Three Million People Participate in Ice and Snow Sports” and “Millions of Teenagers Going to Ice and Snow” are being held in full swing, Longjiang people will use their own practical actions to contribute to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics. I would like to send my sincere wishes for the first anniversary, and at the same time open my arms to ice and snow lovers all over the country. Let us take advantage of the east wind of the post-Winter Olympics era and enjoy the speed and passion brought by ice and snow sports, enjoy the spiritual baptism brought by ice and snow culture, and enjoy the visual feast brought by ice and snow beauty. I am in Heilongjiang, waiting for you!

Part-time reporter Diao Jiashuai

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