Bow attack in Norway: new details

The Norwegian police revealed new details of the attack with a bow The attacker lost his bow and arrows, and committed the murders with two knives, law enforcement officials believe. In Norway, the police rejected the previous hypothesis that during the attack in Kongsberg used a bow and arrow. About it informs NRK broadcaster on […]

In Norway, a man shot at people with a bow, there are dead / GORDON

As a result, several people were killed and injured. Aas said that the suspect was detained and taken to the city With a drum. Kjetil Stormark, a journalist based in Kongsberg, told NRK that police deployed helicopters and infrared cameras in a search operation to check the river bed. There are dozens of ambulances at […]

Bloody drama in Norway –

There are several people in Norway were killed and wounded by a man, armed with a bow, AFP reported. The suspect, armed with a bow and arrow, was arrested by Norwegian police. He was detained in the vicinity of the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, located a hundred kilometers southwest of the capital Oslo, said AP. […]

LOH 2021 Tokyo | Korean archers defended Olympic gold in a team competition in Tokyo

Korean archers defended Olympic gold in teams and won the third competition at the Tokyo Games. The trio of Kim Che-tok, Kim U-chin, O Chin-hjek defeated Taiwan 6: 0 in today’s final. Korean archers defended Kim Che-tok, Kim U-chin, O Chin-hjek defended Olympic gold. Clodagh Kilcoyne, Reuters While four years ago in Rio de Janeiro, […]

Indonesian Athletes Compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Today

Jakarta – Amount Indonesian athletes compete in Tokyo Olympics 2020 today. They are from 5 sports, namely shooting, archery, weightlifting, badminton and swimming. shooter Vidya Rafika opened the gait of Indonesian athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Saturday (24/7/2021). She will appear in the qualifying round in the women’s 10m air rifle which will […]

Archery Tokyo 2020 Olympics: These are the results of Indonesia’s representatives

Jakarta – Tokyo 2020 Olympic Archery already started the competition today. Here are the results of the representatives of Indonesia, who temporarily passed the first phase. Competing at Yumenoshina Park, Friday (23/7/201), Indonesia fielded two male and female individual representatives. There is Riau Ega Agatha Salsabila and Diananda Choirunisa. Meanwhile, in the men’s team, there […]

Index – Sport – The Hungarian archer shot himself an Olympic champion

A ranking competition for male archers was held in Jumenosima Park on Friday, early in the afternoon local time. The 64 competitors greeted the heat, among whom László Mátyás Balogh was the only Hungarian. What else you need to know about archery: the starters shoot from 70 meters, a total of 72 arrows in 12 […]