British journalist Dom Phillips suspected of killing and dismembering him and his leader

A suspect in the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and his guide Bruno Pereira in the Amazon jungle in Brazil has admitted to killing and dismembering the two men, Reuters reported, quoting CNN Brazil and the Band.

After police arrested a second suspect in the case yesterday, police said the search for Phillips and Pereira was ongoing and an investigation into the murder was under way. Today, one of the suspects admitted to investigators that the two killed the British journalist and his companion and said where the bodies were. According to Band TV, the two arrested were local fishermen who were filmed by Phillips and his companion fishing illegally. This was the motive for the murder of the Briton and his leader, BTA reports.

Phillips, a freelance reporter who wrote for the Guardian and the Washington Post, did research for his book. He was accompanied by Pereira, a specialist on the indigenous population of Brazil. There are many poachers in the area where they traveled – the Javari Valley, near the borders with Peru and Colombia – fishermen and hunters, illegal loggers and miners, and according to police, a drug trafficking channel passes through it.

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