Bang boom! Parent company THQ Nordic buys twelve studios in one fell swoop

We are happy if we can buy 1 entire console, but Embracer Group just buys twelve game studios in one go. Money too much, guys?

You may know Embracer Group as the parent company of THQ Nordic, among others. They have bought a total of thirteen companies, the Swedish company has announced.

It concerns twelve game studios and the PR company Sandbox Strategy. The biggest names among the acquisitions include Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the Shadow Warrior series, and Zen Studios, creator of the Zen Pinball games. Argentina’s Nimble Giant, the studio behind the 2016 reboot of Master of Orion, has also been bought up, and Hungarian Purple Lamp, which recently released the remake of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.

In addition, Canadian Thinking Ape and IUGO Mobile Entertainment, Serbian Mad Head Games, Snapshot Games from Bulgaria, Italian 34BigThings, Quantic Lab from Romania, Swedish Coffee Stain North and British Silent Games have also been purchased.

Embracer now has a total of 58 studios and more than 5700 employees in more than 45 countries. In April, the company raised $ 164 million to participate in investments. Earlier this year, Saber Interactive, the developer of World War Z, was also bought. The names of THQ and Koch Media were also added to the portfolio earlier. Embracer indicates that it currently has 135 games in development.


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