22 Residents in Bambanglipuro are Positive Covid-19, the Task Force will Increase Tracing

Merdeka.com – 22 people in Kembangan-Kutu Padukuhan, Sumbermulyo Village, Bambanglipuro District, Bantul, DIY tested positive for Covid-19. As a follow-up to these findings, the Covid-19 Task Force in Bambanglipuro District has intensified tracing.

Panewu (Head) of Bambanglipuro, Lukas Sumanasa said that there were 106 close contacts who underwent PCR tests. These 106 people consist of residents in 3 villages, namely Sumbermulyo, Mulyodadi and Sidomulyo.

Luke explained that the PCR test was part of tracing. Tracing is carried out to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in the Bambanglipuro area.

“There were 106 residents from three villages where we were interviewed (PCR) yesterday (Tuesday 25/5). The swab was carried out as an effort to tracing and prevent the spread of Covid-19 from becoming more widespread in our place,” said Lukas when contacted, Wednesday (26 / 4).

Lukas said that the results of the PCR swab would be known the fastest on Thursday (27/5). While waiting for the results of the PCR swab, these 106 residents were asked to undergo independent isolation.

“” During independent isolation, there was a COVID-19 Task Force at the village and sub-district level who guarded and supervised those who had undergone swab. Because they can’t go anywhere before the results come out, “said Lukas.

Luke denied that any clusters appeared in his area. Lukas said that from the available data it was known that the transmission of Covid-19 in his area did not only come from one source but from several sources.

“What is clear is that this is not a cluster, because the source of transmission comes from various sources,” concluded Lukas. [ray]



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