Capcom Introduces New Bonus Update ‘Sunbreak’ for Monster Hunter Rise, Featuring Last Additional Monster ‘Mel-Jenna Carving the Origin’

On June 7 (Wednesday), Capcom conducted a special program introducing the bonus update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sunbreak’) through YouTube. This bonus update is an update that marks the end of Sunbreak, and the last additional monster, ‘Mel-Jenna Carving the Origin’, was released. In addition, in this special program, Ryozo … Read more

Vladimir Kuzmin’s Wife Shares Awkward Moment of Being Locked Out in the Cold

Marianna Veselovskaya 2 hours ago The famous Russian musician put his wife in an awkward position. The blonde frankly told the people about what had happened. In 2020, Vladimir Kuzmin remarried his longtime lover Ekaterina Trofimova, who has long been nicknamed the provincial Cinderella by the people. The couple divorced in 2018 after 17 years … Read more

The Harmful Effects of Eating Fat-Free Foods on Health: Expert Advice.

Endocrinologist and Russian nutrition expert, Dr. Anna Krivosheeva, announced that eating fat-free food products can be harmful to health. She pointed out that there is no need to eat a lot of fat-free food products, because producers often use a large number of additives harmful to the body during their production process: sugar, flavors, thickeners, … Read more

TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG, editorial: “The next heap of rubble”, by Max Strozzi, issue of Thursday, June 8, 2023

“Very good investment” at the expense of 1900 employees and many creditors. Innsbruck (OTS) – As with the German Galeria, René Benko’s commitment to Kika ends in a fiasco – at least for the others. The five-year trip to the furniture store paid off for René Benko and his Signa, but not for everyone else. … Read more

Ukrainian Armed Formations Blow Up Ammonia Pipeline and Erdogan Invites Zelensky to Investigate Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Station – Reports of the Ministry of Defense and World Events on June 7, 2023

Ukrainian armed formations blew up a section of an ammonia pipeline in the Kharkiv region, and Erdogan invited Zelensky to investigate the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. What else became known about the course of the special military operation and the events in the world for June 7, 2023. Reports of the Ministry … Read more

The Secret to Human Longevity: Study Reveals Importance of Gut Bacteria and Viruses

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA—The secret to human longevity may be hidden in their stomachs. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen studied 176 centenarians Healthy Japan. Reported from Daily Mail, Thursday (8/6/2023), centenarians is a rare population that reaches 100 years of age or more. The scientist found that they all had a mixture bacteria and viruses in … Read more

Wife Swap with Ornella Koktova and Pepa Koktova: Veronika and Michal Recall Their Experience

This time, TV Nova viewers could enjoy a relatively quiet Wife Swap, which also had a VIP spirit. The well-known businesswoman Ornella Koktová and her husband Pepa Koktová were in it. Veronika and Michal revealed how they remember the Exchange with this famous couple. Veronika (39) and Michal (43) revealed what the Wife Swap was … Read more