Scientists reveal the face of Pharaoh Tutankhamun after 3,300 years in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta – Scientists have uncovered faces for the first time Pharaoh Tutankhamun who died 3,300 years ago. Her face is so young. A joint team of scientists from Australia, Italy and Brazil managed to reveal the face of King Tutankhamun of Egypt for the first time since his death. The Pharaoh is famous since the […]

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: Symptoms and Treatment Options | The Gelderlander

Five people with dementia are added every hour in the Netherlands. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. What are the features? Can you recognize the symptoms quickly? And is there a (form of) treatment? Professor Rik Vandenberghe of the memory clinic of the University Hospital of Leuven explains: “The side effects of […]

Leo Messi Announces Move to MLS with Inter Miami Shirt

THE KING LANDS IN MLS La Pulce: “Avevo paura di rivivere la situazione del 2021. Volevo lasciare l’Europa, allontanarmi dai riflettori e pensare di più alla mia famiglia” 07 Jun 2023 In an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo and Sport, Leo Messi has announced his future: no return to Barcelona and a new adventure in […]

Arstarulsmirus Reveals Relationship with Maira and Views on Marriage

He reveals that he has been in a relationship with Maira for several years, Maira also has a special role in the creative process, as she is the first one who has the opportunity to hear the latest Arstarulsmirus performance. The presenters asked whether the union of several years with his girlfriend Maira could last […]

Apple Acquires AR Headset Startup Mira Based in Los Angeles, Jakarta – Apple has reportedly acquired the startup company or startup engaged in the manufacture of AR headsets (augmented reality) Mira, based in Los Angeles. Startup this is known to make headset AR for other companies, as well as the United States military. Revealed by CEO Mira’s upload on his private Instagram account, Apple […]

Spotify to Cut 200 Jobs Following Meghan Markle’s Podcast Deal Failure

RoyaltyStreaming service Spotify has announced that it will cut 200 extra jobs after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s much-discussed audio deal failed to raise the expected amount of money and failed to materialize. Spotify paid Markle about $18 million for her podcast “Archetypes,” which launched last summer. In August, the Swedish streaming giant proudly launched […]

Overcoming Cash Flow Issues: Mechanisms and Aids for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur is one day or another confronted with various and varied difficulties. With regard to cash flow issues, there are several mechanisms, often ignored by the main stakeholders. They are, however, the impetus that the entrepreneur needs to bounce back or rebuild. Of course, among the first possible help, that of the payment deadline. […]

Record Rainfall Causes Flooding and Landslides on Madeira Island

Home page Welt Created: 07.06.2023Updated: 6/7/2023 10:54 p.m Von: Martina Lippl Split Severe weather in Madeira: masses of water roll through the capital Funchal after heavy rainfall. © Twitter Screenshot/ MeteoTrasMontPT Heavy storms swept across the Portuguese holiday island of Madeira. Record rainfall caused flooding and landslides on the Atlantic island. Funchal – Storm “Oscar” […]