Beware of Cytokine Storms in Covid-19 Patients

JAMBERITA.COM- The term cytokine storm in Covid-19 patients has resurfaced. This is after Youtuber Dedy Corbuzer, who was infected with the Covid-19 virus, experienced a cytokine storm and was critical for several days. So what is this cytokine storm? Lung Specialist, Sp P said Cytokine storm is an overreaction of inflammatory cells. Inflammation or inflammation […]

Blemish James’ spinal bone fractured

In the statement made by the red-white club, information was given about the health status of Leke James. Leke James, who complained of low back pain, stated that two fractures were detected in the marginal protrusion of the lower lumbar spine bones during the controls, and said, “The condition of our player, who has risk-free […]

This will be the case with Gran Turismo 7 (PS5, PS4)

It has finally been revealed when the latest act of the competition series will be released. – Hirdetés – – It’s been a year, that Sony and Poliphony Digital have announced the arrival of Great tourism numbered part 7 of the series. The release is still a long way off, at the last PlayStation event […]

Salmonella on eggshells in Biedronka. GIS warns

Research by State Sanitary Inspection showed the presence of Salmonella Enteritidis. Bacteria were detected both on the surface of the shells and in the body jaj. – GIS reminds that salmonella bacteria can spread to other surfaces. And consumption of the product without proper thermal treatment may lead to human infection and, as a result, […]

Desinfox. Can Gérald Darmanin reveal his SMS exchanges with Sandrine Rousseau?

The environmentalist primary candidate Sandrine Rousseau accuses the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, who threatened to publish their SMS exchanges, to seek to intimidate her “by flouting the law”: He is a person who is capable of putting bullying above the law because there, what he does is intimidate me by flouting the law […]

Biden’s dismissal of Trump supporters ‘looks like political purge’

They were important supporters of the previous US president. Trump’s personal adviser Kellyanne Conway, press spokesman Sean Spicer and National Security Coordinator Herbert McMaster. They still have public functions. Current President Biden wants them fired. They don’t even think about going out on their own. “President Biden, I’m not stepping down. But you should,” Kellyanne […]

Twenty years later, September 11 in New York in three questions

Everyone remembers the moment he learned of what was happening in New York on September 11, 2001. So this is not the question we wanted to ask the Americans whom we met through our reports. -York this past few days. We wanted to ask them about their conception of this event and the transmission of […]