20 minutes – Review our live with ten artists

The fine flower of French-speaking music met on Friday March 27, 2020, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on our Instagram account, 20minutesonline.

Among the highlights, we will note the many comments from Russian fans of Friborg Gjon’s Tears, the sensitivity of the Jura rapper Sim’s, the humor of Bernese Phanee de Pool or the presence of Vaudois Bastian Baker, stranded on vacation in Costa Rica. All these moments, which were paced and animated by Gilles Wenger, can be found in replay in the videos below.

Note again that there were many of you following us: more than 8000 people watch and comment on our live! Thank you.

They participated our direct on Insatgram, in order of passage:

First part: Sophie de Quay, Gjon’s Tears, Forma, Sim’s.

Part two: Bastian Baker, Phanee de Pool, LyOsun, Pat Burgener, Marquise Fair.

(fec / f.melillo)


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