Woman with head trauma found dead inside Bronx apartment

NEW YORK – New York City Police are investigating the mysterious death of a woman who was found lifeless and with head trauma inside a residence in the Bronx.

According to the police report, authorities responded to a 9-1-1 call at around 12:00 pm inside an apartment in a building located in 1819 Wicks Avenue. Upon arrival they found the woman, 47, unconscious and lying face down on a bed in a room.

The victim had head trauma and paramedics declared her dead in the same place.

According to the supervisor of the building where they found her, the woman was part of a social services program and was apparently found by a social worker who would have been the one who called 9-1-1.

“When I go to do the cleaning routine in the building I met the social worker and last night the police also came and asked him and told me that they found the person who lived in that apartment apparently lifeless,” said the super of the building , Carlos Shérif, to Telemundo 47.

On the other hand, neighbors told Telemundo 47 that the victim lived with another person and that arguments were frequently heard.

The coroner will determine the cause of death.

So far no arrests have been reported.


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