CIMB Thai welcomes Chinese New Year 2021 With the campaign “Chinese New Year in Love”

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

CIMB Thai Bank welcomes Chinese New Year 2021 With the “Chinese New Year in Love” campaign, promoting home loan for you 3 years average interest 3.03% and home refinancing First 3 years average interest 2.49%

Tan Keith Jin, Executive Vice President Retail Business and Chittawadee Sangthong Sales Channel Executive Retail Business CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited participated in the campaign “Chinese New Year in Love” to welcome the Chinese New Year 2021 with financial products selected for customers. Promote promotion too Home loan products And insurance products With many premiums

For home loan products, including home loan for you 3 years average interest 3.03% and 0% interest for the first 3 months for permanent employees with monthly income of 20,000 baht and when the total income is 30,000 baht per month, free appraisal fee Also have Refinance your home Average interest for the first 3 years 2.49% for permanent employees with monthly income 50,000 baht or more free of appraisal fees Stamp duty and 3-year fire insurance premium, whereby customers can apply for a loan from 12 Feb’21 – 30 Mar’21, other criteria and conditions As specified by the bank

In the part of the insurance product Is equally full Starting with life insurance products, get a Tesco Lotus gift voucher worth 300 baht / 1 policy when applying for life insurance products. Thai Life Insurance Plc. With minimum sum assured / premium 50,000 baht / 1 policy and pay annual premium only By paying insurance premiums and attaching complete documents From 11 Feb’21 – 31 Mar’21 and the policy is approved by the life insurance company by 31 Mar. ”

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In terms of life insurance products with investment, receive a free FWD folding umbrella worth 350 baht when applying for a life insurance product with investment from FWD Life Insurance, Unit Linked_Regular Premium, with an FYP premium per policy of 200,000 baht or more or Unit Linked_Single Premium with FYP insurance premium of 500,000 baht or more with payment for life insurance premiums. From 11 Feb’21 – 31 Mar’21 and policy must be approved by life insurance company by 16 Apr ’21

And finally, non-life insurance products Is equally full Customers will receive a Shopping Bag SOMPONY worth 250 baht when paying premiums from 2,500 – 4,999 baht and will receive a stainless steel water bottle. SOMPONY heat and cold storage, valued at 450 baht when customers pay a premium of 5,000 baht or more when applying for the participating non-life insurance products of SOMPON Plc. Which consists of 1) CIMB Thai Cancer Care 2) CIMB Thai PAC Care Plus Accident Insurance 3) CIMB Thai Health Care 4) CIM car insurance MB Thai Motor Care of all types with payment of insurance premiums and policies are approved. From 11 Feb ’21 – 31 Mar ” and policy approved within 30 Apr ’21

However, other rules and conditions As specified by the bank For those who are interested and want more information You can contact us at CIMB THAI Care Center 02 626 7777.

During the Chinese New Year Festival, CIMB Thai Bank decorated the Yaowarat branch office building. Annually To be a part in making the colors of Yaowarat Road This year, the Bank decorated the building in accordance with the concept of “SOUL INSIGHT: ASEAN Identity” that reflects its position as a leading bank in the ASEAN region. With patterns of various types of flowers Represents the blossoming, fruitage, growth, prosperity And also has a lamp that means light Giving throughout the year to find happiness and progress Besides that, there are also important pictures of various countries. In the ASEAN region Including tuk-tuk Another symbol of Thailand.


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