Video: The author of the “Mish” cheese clip reveals new details to the “Observatory” about the secret of the worms inside it and the truth about eating it

Al-Marsad newspaper: The citizen Muhammad Al-Rashidi, nicknamed “Abu Habib,” revealed to Al-Marsad the details of the viral video clip of him receiving a gift from his Egyptian worker, which was an old cheese stored for 6 years called “mish” with worms inside it.

Mish cheese

The citizen said in statements to Al-Marsad: “Hazem brought me a gift from Egypt, which is Egyptian cheese, and he did not bring it for the purpose of transmitting bacteria or diseases, or to belittle, but rather to express love, appreciation and respect, and Hazem is considered one of my brothers.”

He continued: “The Saudi people and the Egyptian people are one, brothers, and lovers. There is a connection between us in Egypt. My mother is Egyptian and my wife is Egyptian.”

Cheese storage

In the same context, the Egyptian worker said: “The cheese is made from milk, then stored in a large container. The storage period ranges from two to 10 years, provided that the container is closed tightly to ensure that air does not reach the cheese.” He pointed out that the worms inside the cheese do not cause any harm. On humans.

2023-11-30 09:26:48
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