VIDEO: A shark threatened people in a popular resort. They beat him with a mop

Tourists had a dramatic moment on the beach in a popular resort in the south-west of Turkey. A shark swam almost to the shore and circled around the bathing people. The two brave men did not hesitate, grabbed a mop and drove away the sea predator with blows to the head.

People on the beach in the Turkish resort of Marmaris were in immediate danger. A shark came close to the beach and appeared to be about to attack, the portal reported Irish Mirror. At the time, children were also playing nearby.

Two brave men intervened against the predator in time. They grabbed a mop and started beating the shark with it. The animal did not want to leave the beach, but after repeated interventions it finally turned and swam away from the beach. Footage of the “fight” with the shark was brought by a Turkish newspaper EHA News.

It is evident from them that everyone present tried to keep calm. Sudden and frightened movements could provoke the shark. According to experts, the feared sea animals are more aggressive due to the covid tourist break and the warming of the waters.

The chances of swimmers to defend themselves from sharks are said to be slim, divers should use physical strength. “Either punch him in the ass and disappear, if he won’t let go, then the eye and the gills,” advises shark expert Steve Lichtag.

The shark approached the Turkish beach just a few days after the fatal incident in Hurghada, Egypt. Two women did not survive the encounter with the predator there.

Two attacks in one day. Another woman died in Hurghada after being attacked by a shark (3/7/2022):

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