ADHDplaza: online information for young people with ADHD

Digital help for young people

Fortunately there is more and more digital help available for young people. What about the recently launched grow-it app that helps promote mental health. But there are also special websites to help young adults quit smoking, such as a recent website by Trimbos† And now there is also a website by and for young people with ADHD.

This is important, because young people know little about ADHD, but they often have a need for knowledge about ADHD. This is apparent from a first pilot study by Radboud. The ADHDplaza certainly meets a need. It is a project where PhD students visit secondary school students to gather information about ADHD. An inventory is also made of what students actually want to know about this common condition, which often leads to busy behavior and also a lot of pressure in the head.

Ignorance About ADHD

There is still a lot of ignorance and lack of understanding for people with ADHD. On average, young people also know little about it and do not recognize it in others or in themselves. Recognizing and acknowledging the condition and dealing with it in the right way, however, is important for all those involved, and ADHDplaza helps with that.

A consortium consisting of Dutch ADHD experts and the ADHD association Impuls & Woortblind has been set up for the ADHDplaza project. The first goal is to increase young people’s knowledge of ADHD. This is done with workshops at schools and videos that can be found on ADHDplaza. According to information on the NWO website, the second goal is ‘to train young researchers in science communication and to facilitate a platform (ADHDplaza) with which they can generate social impact with their research.’

NWO science grant for ADHDplaza

The information that the PhD students collect is made available in a fun way on the ADHD plaza. The project arose thanks to a collaboration between the Radboud researchers and Hans van de Velde and Rob Pereira of Impuls & Woortblind. The ADHDplaza has now received an NWO science grant. The school visits of the PhD students will start on 1 November 2022. Then there will be more to read on the website ADHDplaza.

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