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Unexpected surprise on the show “Love in a camper” – Alice Haijima’s heart returns

However, Alice was later given the opportunity to say goodbye and accompany her loved one on the plane. Since Rudolf had no idea, he was very surprised that this last moment of farewell was allowed – followed again by tears and long and painful farewells. And then, a moment before Rudis entered the airport, the pigeons of love found out that they were both given a unique opportunity – Rudolph could return to the show.

“I was making a voice at that moment. Oh, my God, I was so happy to get up and fall in love. Such a roller coaster with emotions! Down and up,” Alice commented. There was something to be said about Rudi himself: “We were both scared because we were very happy. But I said that we should not be separated.”

The reunion of the couple was followed by even more dramatic events, as the other couples on the show also had the opportunity to reveal their feelings and get over a purposeful guy or girl, but on one condition – unless the other agrees. Ronald finally got the courage and confessed his feelings for the brunette Elina, but got a basket because she would rather continue the journey with David by the side.

Alice, of course, stayed with Rūdis, but the blonde Elīna took the reins in her hands and chose the sympathetic newcomer Oscar as her partner, for whom the boy was indescribably happy. He later admitted that he himself had named Elīna, the dark mother who was flying, but when she saw Ronald’s painful rejection, she was glad that she was still silent.

After the couple’s challenge, Ronald and Megija continued the game of love, but Normunds, seeing that he had only the antipathy of Sinta, decided to leave the project. She was followed by a blonde beauty, and they both started on their way home.

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