Unexpected news to the Russian media about the health condition of Anastasia Zavorotnuka – the actress has not been in a coma at all

“Baza” has learned from sources in the private clinic where the actress is staying that Anastasia Zavorotņuka, contrary to what was previously reported, has not awakened from a coma, because … she did not have it at all. “The actress was not on the verge of death, although it is true she is seriously ill,” sources say Anastasia is undergoing radiotherapy. Of course, health problems are serious, but there can be no talk of paralysis or organ failure.

Treatment at the private clinic Zavorotņuka has been taken care of by influential friends, moreover, you have to pay for your stay without it – it is covered by the actress’ insurance.

As already reported, this week the neighboring country, holding its breath, is following every news about the health condition of 48-year-old Zavorotņuka. The media had information that she had end-stage brain cancer.

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The actress began to talk about her health problems in the summer, when she suddenly gained a lot of weight. The media from Anastasia’s acquaintances managed to find out that she had a serious diagnosis – brain cancer. But the actress said at the time – no, there is no such diagnosis.

Zavorotņuka complained about frequent headaches and nausea in the morning, but she herself believed that the star of the series “My dear nanny” did not lack work from stress and overwork. However, when the painkillers no longer helped, she had to turn to specialists, who found out that she turned to her for help too late. In August, the actress’ name was no longer found in applications for theater performances, she had to seek help from specialists in Poland. But after returning to his homeland, Zavorotnuk began to be cared for in a private clinic in Moscow, where doctors took the actress to an artificial coma and connected a lung ventilator. However, the actress started having pneumonia from this device, moreover, she already has a paralyzed half of her body. And because of concerns about the patient’s health, doctors have completed the course of treatment – the condition is so serious that any intervention can be fatal. This was written by the Russian media in the middle of the week.

“To put it simply, the brain no longer has enough power to control the body’s organs,” experts said. “The patient can no longer save himself. The liver and kidneys refuse to function, which causes severe intoxication.” It was reported that the actress has multiorgan dysfunction syndrome – one after another, vital organs refuse to function. These symptoms appear in the most serious outbreaks of serious illness. Parallels were drawn between pop star and actress Jeanne Friske, who passed away after a battle with a brain tumor in the summer of 2015, and singer Julia Nachalova, who died in March this year.

Of course, only the closest ones are allowed to be at Zavorotņuka’s bed. The actress’ husband has been figure skater Pyotr Chernihiv for 11 years, to whom Anastasia gave her daughter Milu last October. In addition to the young offspring of less than a year, Zavorotņuka also has a 23-year-old daughter Anna and a nineteen-year-old son Michael.

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