Twitter prepares the rejection mention feature – Dominic Camozzi, privacy designer for Twitter, confirmed that he was working on a feature that would allow users to control who can mention them in a post.

Reported by TheVerge On Friday (14/10), the trial version of this feature was first noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and app producer who later announced it to the public on Twitter.

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“Twitter is working to let you control who can mention you on Twitter,” Wong tweeted on Friday (14/10).

The tweet is accompanied by a screenshot to show the controls that allow users to select three permission options for mentions, namely “anyone can mention you”, which is how Twitter currently works by default, “limits the mention to people you follow “or” completely disable ‘.

This feature is said to trigger a fairly basic change in the way the platform works, which could make it impossible for users to contact strangers on the platform to say hello or show them something. It can also prevent intimidation or harassment campaigns and provide users with another tool to protect themselves.

Previously, Twitter also created a feature that helps users narrow down the list of people they can interact with on the platform.

In 2020, they rolled out a feature that allows users to restrict who can reply to tweets, as well as a Twitter Circle feature to restrict only certain groups of people who can see specific tweets.

Intern reporter: Dinda Khansa Berlinan


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