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The week ahead will be decisive for the future of former US President Donald Trump, for the Republican Party, which he holds hostage, for the most robust Western democracy and, ultimately, for world chess in the medium term. Trump’s indictment in the Stormy Daniels case, which could land Trump in court, will also be his lifeline.

The incongruity is only apparent: Trump wants to return to the White House, but faces competition, among Republicans, from Ron DeSantis. Now, the emergence of a case like Stormy’s is, in time and manner, the ideal for Trump’s victimization and also gives him arguments for his systematic attempt to discredit Justice. Lulled by Trump’s basic populism, the less radical sectors of the Republicans fell into the former President’s trap and expressed support for him. The dilution of a critical republican view of these events is bad news for the party.

Donald Trump is not only suspected of buying the silence of the ‘porn’ actress with whom he was involved. Corporate finances, the assault on the Capitol or the diversion of confidential government documents are other cases that keep Trump in the eye of the judicial hurricane. If, with this list of suspicions, which could grow, Trump enters the race for the White House, it will be America’s solid institutions that are most affected.

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