“How did Ukraine treat Belarusians?”: Ambassador addresses Lukashenka’s “peace” suggestions.

Kizim responded to the “peace proposals” for Ukraine voiced by Alexander Lukashenko – noting that he does not understand why Minsk got involved in the Russian war and how Lukashenka still does not understand the essence of events.

“It is surprising that the Belarusian military-political leadership is unwilling to see this obvious truth and understand who it supports even a year after the start of the so-called “Northern Military District,” the ambassador emphasized.

Igor Kizim noted that he did not hear any rational explanations in Lukashenka’s message why Belarus got involved in the war against Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation.

“What did Ukraine and its people do to the Belarusians and the leadership of Belarus, which for some reason decided that it knew “what is best” for the Ukrainians and supported the Russian Federation? To the Belarusians and the sovereign Belarusian state. After all, the Russian interest, which has been defending the Belarusian leadership for more than a year , is obvious here,” the ambassador noted.

He rejected the thesis that Ukraine seems to have started unfriendly steps by imposing sanctions. After all, according to him, the first package of sanctions was introduced only in November 2022, and supplemented already in January 2023, and this is a response to facilitating the invasion of Russian troops and the launch of missile and bomb strikes on the territory of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

The ambassador also pointed to the logical contradictions in Lukashenka’s argumentation, which, on the one hand, promises a “terrible response” for attempts of aggression against Belarus, while the victim of aggression, Ukraine, in his opinion, should make territorial concessions and refuse to support partners.

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“The Ukrainian people, more than anyone else, want peace. But we, unlike the Russian invaders, are liberating our temporarily occupied territories. We know what we are fighting for and how to win this war. Hence the motivation of our military. And for Russians, this is the seizure of foreign territories, the destruction of everything Ukrainian there, bullying and killing of civilians, looting and other crimes comparable to the crimes of the Nazis during World War II,” he said.

He added that a peace plan already exists and this is the “peace formula” that Kyiv presented in the fall of 2022.

Recall that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko proposed to “both sides” to stop hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

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