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Thirunal in the church of Mala Forona: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Mala: the only Pho in Asia named after St. Stanislav Koska that today raises the flag in the church of Mala Forona, Rona Devalaya. . At five in the evening, the Vicar of Mala Forona, Fr. Chalishery Varghese will carry the flag. Then the views of the members of the Thirunal Committee must be presented.

After 5 pm, on the days until 12 noon, Mass, Novena, Sham Sunday, the dedication of the various movements will take place.

This year all members of the parish family are elected. At 12:00 the saint’s remains are collected for the Divine Sacrifice and circumambulated around the church. by elevating the form to the panthal, the amorous encounter will take place.
Mala SHO police Sajin Shashi Nir, Deepalankaran Switch On Karma will transport Divyaab at 6:45 am and at 3:30 pm on 13 Thirunal Li will direct. Rijo Payiyappally CMI will be the managing director. Don Lijo Karuthi will deliver the message

At 16:30 Pattukudaka, Vadyamelas and Golden Crosses Thirunal Pradakshinam with the company of Poi there will be Vadyamela Sangam and Varnamoja. On Monday morning at 6:30 memorial sacrifice for ancestors, Kodi A lowering ceremony will also be held.

13 committees are working for the success of Thirunal Carrie p. Varghese Chalishery, handyman Paul Anpookan and Peter Parekkat, Linreesh Anro, advertiser Cliffy Kalaparpanth, 55 Said at the festival.

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