They demand to approve laws for more taxes on the richest

Loudly, dozens of protesters, ordinary New Yorkers and elected officials joined together to demand that the state legislature pass six bills that would force the rich, the very rich and multi-millionaires to pay more taxes.

The extra money would be included in the 2024 state budget.

“Unfortunately, we are living in a time where there are more billionaires who are hiding their money in assets like art,” said state senator Jessica Ramos. “The only way we are going to recover that money is precisely by investing in communities like ours. To offer us the best schools for child care that should have been universal a long time ago.”

Senator Ramos.

The campaign is calling on Albany to impose $40 billion in new taxes on the state’s wealthiest people to fund public investments and social programs.

Araceli Roa and her family did not have anything for Thanksgiving dinner.

“Unfortunately, the money we earn is no longer enough for us to have a decent dinner and give thanks. That is no longer possible. The rent. Many of us have debts,” said Roa.

According to the coalition of several organizations, billionaires, including the 129 who reside in the state, have seen their collective net worth increase by billions of dollars. 0.4% of these super-rich New Yorkers have accumulated $7 billion.

“To achieve this we need everyone to pay their fair share and we need to raise taxes on the rich. It’s a question of fairness and how we can create a city where every person can thrive,” said Michaela Toledano of Make the Road NY.

Recently, the mayor has cut the budget of several public entities, affecting education, housing and other essential social services.

“This is not the time to make cuts to programs that are essential for the working class. Right now we know that the biggest problem is that rent is too high and we have and we can and we must invest in our communities,” said the assemblywoman. Marcela Mitaynes state.

Of the 40 billion that would be raised, 10 billion would go to public education and child care, another 10 billion to affordable housing programs, the other 20 billion would be divided into programs that care for the environment and for relief plans and benefits for workers.

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