The prime minister of prosecutor because of the Russian diplomats. Genchovska after the midnight session in the parliament: There is no DANS report!

  • Toshko Yordanov after the extraordinary presidential council: I am shocked by Kiril Petkov’s lies
  • There are only two letters with lists signed by the chairman of DANS, the foreign minister announced
  • Hristo Ivanov: If there is an addition, the responsibility lies with the chairman of DANS

“Vazrazhdane” resigns Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to the prosecutor because of the scandal with the expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats, followed by a note from Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova.

This was announced by the leader Kostadin Kostadinov after an extraordinary meeting of the Presiding Council of the Parliament that lasted until midnight, at which the resigned Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska and the head of DANS were heard

The prime minister has used the structures of state power for his personal political gain, and therefore tomorrow we will prepare a report to the prosecutor’s office, with which we will request that Kiril Petkov be investigated, announced Kostadinov.

I have given the exact information – what correspondence has come to us, what instructions we have requested, everything is correct, Minister Genchovska explained after the meeting. And he repeated that he expects written instructions from the prime minister on what to do from now on.

Asked if there was any evidence that all 70 people worked against Bulgaria’s interests, Genchovska answered: You should ask DANS, only names with personal data arrive at the Foreign Ministry. There is no report, there are two letters with lists, signed by the chairman of DANS.

Genchovska explained that they are at the meeting as experts.

The head of DANS told the heads of the groups in detail what happened at the security council to the prime minister.

Whatever happens from now on, the Prime Minister must tell the Ministry of Foreign Affairs how to act, they do not have the initiative to make independent decisions in this direction. He messed up this mess, he has to say how to get out of it with all its consequences, commented the head of the ITN group Toshko Yordanov. And he explained that the prime minister and his chief of staff Lena Borislavova played tricks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving as an example the two letters with methodological instructions.

We discussed the notes and decided that there is nothing we can do, it is up to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to decide. He makes them do something without the decision of the IC, alone. There is no decision at that council, no reports from DANS, it is not like a point at all, criticized Yordanov. The man is chasing the whole country because he is falling from power, Borisov did not allow that either, he was outraged.

I am totally stunned by what I heard, Yordanov shared. He said that the leader of the DPS, Mustafa Karadayi, said that “at the congress of European liberals in Sofia, the rulers spoke in writing about how Russia overthrew the liberal, progressive pro-NATO government”. And according to this logic, we at ITN are some kind of Russian column that receives its salaries from the Kremlin – how can it be…, Yordanov was indignant.

He said that the presiding National Assembly refused to summon the Prime Minister to the meeting of the Council of Presidents. They are like a sect there, and I thought that Borisov was a tyrant, Yordanov added.

To harness the whole country around you is against the law, he continued. I’m a little speechless, my mouth is very big, Yordanov said.

But what Petkov has done is an absolute violation of the law. Yesterday he lied ugly in the hall, added the head of the ITN group.

All these are statements that are established by certain bodies, among which the Council of Presidents of the National Assembly is not. It cannot deal with conducting an investigation and establishing what is true or false, however, commented the co-chairman of the National Assembly Hristo Ivanov. He explained that what was heard by the head of DANS at the meeting constituted information of varying degrees of classification and he could not comment on it.

It is about extremely complex administrative and political processes that were presented in a certain way. Until the whole picture is clear, all you will hear are different interpretations. Since it is about the work of the services, about political decisions, about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about different levels of responsibilities, people who are now trying to escape from their responsibilities through various channels, this Chairman’s Council could not establish anything, explained Ivanov .

I cannot tell you what reports the prime minister was talking about. There are two lists of persons for whom DANS claims different degrees of danger to national interests. If DANS claims to have included in these lists people for whom there was no sufficient reason, this raises the question of the responsibility of the chairman of DANS for why he did it, commented Ivanov.

There is no second French proposal on the subject of North Macedonia, Genchovska also said, after Emmanuel Macron boasted at the meeting in Madrid that she has a revised proposal that puts the issue before a solution. This was confirmed by Skopje, and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said it was much more acceptable to them.

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