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The Pierre Goldman Mystery: The Delaunay Pharmacy Robbery & Legal Journey

On December 19, 1969, and square boulevard Richard-Lenoir in Paris, shots ring out: a robbery takes place in the Delaunay pharmacy. The toll is heavy: two pharmacists, Simone Delaunay and Jeanne Aubert, were killed by several gunshots. A peace guard was seriously injured.

The case raises questions: several pharmacies suffered hold-ups in the weeks preceding the attack. A few months after the robbery of the Delaunay pharmacy, a name emerges: that of Pierre Goldman, half-brother of singer Jean-Jacques Goldman and far-left activist. The latter admits to being the author of three robberies, but refutes the one on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, which cost the lives of two people.

In The time of the crime, Me Emmanuel Pierrat, specialist in the case, explains how the police moved towards this man. “It’s because we come across this informant, a little gangster who we’ll make talk, who will say that according to him, Pierre Goldman confessed a certain number of things to him. We’re going to take a film like that back to his arrest in April 1970. And without the confessions, it’s difficult,” continues the lawyer.

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If a denunciation exists, the evidence is almost non-existent. “We don’t find any conclusive fingerprints, we find the weapon (…) but we are not yet in the scientific police, so there is nothing,” says the lawyer. In 1974 the Goldman trial began. A trial during which the accused will defend himself alone. Despite the inconsistencies in the case, the activist is sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of appeal.

The latter then turns to the Court of Cassation, which – extremely rare – annulled the trial in 1975 for procedural faults. A new trial was organized in 1976. This time, Pierre Goldman surrounded himself with three lawyers. Convicted for the three robberies of which he was the author, the singer’s half-brother was acquitted for the robbery of the Delaunay pharmacy. A complex and unique legal journey, adapted for cinema in September 2023 by director Cédric Khan, with the film Goldman trial, presented at the opening of the Cinematographers’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

Released six months after the verdict, Pierre Goldman was murdered in the street by three men in September 1979 shot nine times in the back, three years after his acquittal.

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