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Anthony Mackie to keep Captain America costume for a long time

While Anthony Mackie aka Falcon has become the new Captain America, the latter will stay with Marvel for a long time to come.

While many mourn the end of Captain America premier cru worn by Chris Evans, whose arteries have become too fragile to continue playing shield afterwards Avengers : Endgame, it is Falcon’s turn to take over. Indeed, the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the second live Marvel-Disney + series laying the foundations for Phase 4, Anthony Mackie has become the new Captain America.

A radical change for the hero of America who is now black, but also devoid of extraordinary powers. A more human and more representative vision of modern America which risks sticking to the skin of the actor who is not done with Marvel.

Is it a plane? It’s a bird ? No, it’s Captain America!

Engaging with Marvel is almost tantamount to a marriage, the end date isn’t really on the contract. And the new hero of America worn by Anthony Mackie seems to be getting married with the studio. If this new Captain America gone to last cuts all ties with the previous version of Chris Evans, Mackie doesn’t want to be categorized and wants to quickly become everyone’s hero as he expressed it for Variety :

“His humanitarian side is something that I think is his superpower, his ability to have empathy and sympathy for those around him is his superpower. [le monologue à la fin de Falcon et le Soldat de l’Hiver ndlr] was to show that if one of us is mistreated, we are all to blame. And that’s the general theme of the new Captain America, not Black Cap, or Cap for the people, he’s Captain America for everyone. ”

photo, Anthony MackieHeavy is the weight of the shield

And this Captain America for all is gone to last. Marvel intends to use this new character as long as he is profitable or physically able to do good in CGI. Because Anthony Mackie himself has confirmed it,he is in leg with Marvel for years to come, the actor does not see himself becoming a somewhat ridiculous aging superhero:

“I absolutely don’t want to be a 55-year-old Captain America, so I’m still six to eight years old ahead of me.”

photo, Anthony MackieAt Marvel, a fixed-term contract is 10 years

The actor who begins his career as Captain America at 42, where Chris Evans hung up at 37, will have to maintain himself in Olympic form to stay within the standards of bodybuilt Marvel superheroes down to the toes. If we know that this new Captain will return for the film Captain America 4, the date is still unknown. But since Marvel is a big family, the character of Mackie will surely come to point the tip of his shield in the films of his comrades.

While waiting to find Captain 2.0, you can always discover another version of Captain America, much more delirious with Little Soldier who makes his entry into the team of The Boys.

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