The ‘Ladies of Sunset’, group of women in Sunset Park

A group of women put together decorative flowers to adorn the offering they will place on October 31 during the Day of the Dead celebration in Sunset Park, but this group of women is more than just a party group.

They are the Ladies of Sunset, an association of women over 50, all migrants who come together to protest for different causes.

“We are going to ask our state representatives to see that we women over 50 have the desire to fight, the desire to get ahead,” explained Marcela Sosa.

‘It is the problem of most of the Sunset Park community. 45%, between men and women we are 50 years old, “added Bárbara López, founder, Damas de Sunset.

The vast majority are domestic workers. They got together thanks to the initiative of Barbara López who founded the group six months ago.

“I am a survivor of domestic violence. I was left totally alone and on the street and with many debts,” said López.

At the beginning, the objective was for them to move forward together because the majority suffered domestic violence or the death of family members.

“Sharing experiences, many of us had family losses. Many of us were sick with COVID in our community,” said Daniela Contreras.

Sunset ladies.

But they also come together to support different causes … such as excluded workers or immigration reform.

“It is necessary for the community and us to understand that if we do not get involved in our community, we will never do anything … I have great faith that the community will stop fooling around and start fighting together,” added founder López .

They are more than 30 and they say they continue to grow. And although most live in this Brooklyn neighborhood, there are some like Alma who even come from the Bronx.

“Sharing a thought, an ideology, that made me join the ladies of Sunset … I am with colleagues who have the same thought, I am one of those who a few days ago I was thinking. I am no longer in the shadows,” said Alma Rocha.

They meet whenever their work and their families allow it, but yes, every time there is a protest, they take part to fight for their community.



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