The famous drummer Vinnetou died. The actor Stanislav Fišer was 90 years old

The Czech actor and drummer Stanislav Fišer died after a long illness. The famous Vinnetou or Inspector Clouseau from the film Pink Panther spoke in his voice. Stanislav Fišer also starred in the series Sinful People of the City of Prague or in the film Parta hic.

The famous drummer Vinnetou and actor Stanislav Fišer died at the age of 90. With reference to his partner Antonia, the diary informed about it lightning. “Standa is gone, he’s in the cast, he died the night after a long illness,” she said sadly.

During his long career, Stanislav Fišer has performed in several theaters, such as the Vinohrady Theater or the ABC Theater. He then worked at the Municipal Theaters of Prague until 1993.

He has also played a number of film and series roles, starring in the series Sinful People of the City of Prague, Thirty Cases by Major Zeman and in the film Parta hic. He also recruited the famous inspector Clouseau.

“Mr. Stanislav Fišer, a long-time former member of the Municipal Theaters of Prague, died today. He has performed on the stages of our theaters for six decades and played more than 80 roles. He won his last acting opportunity at the ABC Theater in 2009 , directed by Miroslav Hanuš, “wrote a set of social theaters networks.

Stanislav Fišer was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2004 and had to undergo a difficult operation in which his vocal cords were removed. In recent years, the actor and drummer have lived in seclusion.

Interview with Stanislav Fišer from 2013:

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