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The delivery man Tiburcio Castillo is fired with music

Through a heartfelt funeral service, friends and relatives of Tiburcio Castillo said goodbye to him amid the sadness and bewilderment that his unexpected death brought.

“It is very complicated for each of us who have come. Esteeming the family and esteeming the niece more than anything that she is hurt by this unexpected loss, “said Sebastian Félix, Tiburcio’s wife’s uncle.

The food delivery man was robbed in the early hours of June 29 on the Willis Avenue bridge, which connects Manhattan with the Bronx, when he was on his way home after work. The motive would be to steal his electric bicycle, according to the police.

Late Tuesday afternoon, dozens of industry peers arrived on their bikes to say goodbye to their friend.


His brothers, cousins, wife and four children were also present, as were several members of the Quatorze restaurant where he worked.

The relatives and relatives did not fit inside the wake room, since more than 100 people gathered in East Harlem to say goodbye to Tiburcio.

From Juanacatlán in the State of Guerrero in Mexico, his mother, father and other siblings send a strong message asking the New York authorities to open an investigation to clarify the facts and capture those who caused the death of the 34-year-old food delivery man.

“Many people in Juanacatlán are waiting for the body at this time. We are here in Tlapacoyan, Guerrero. Especially, we want you to support us, Mr. President of the United States, Mayor of New York, Mayor of the Bronx. Help us in a way that opens an investigation folder of his work, from his house, “said Sebastian Castillo, Tiburcio’s older brother.

“The five-year-old daughter is in our pre-K program. We are involving the entire company to make sure that we can help them in any need they have. For example, with rent or food. We have donated clothes to the family and also created a Gofundme page,” said Jessica Escabi, a social worker.

An entire community joined in this farewell, which included a solemn trumpet solo and Mexican songs to say goodbye to Tiburcio with music.

The family still does not have an exact date for their repatriation, but it is expected to be this week.

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