THE BALL – «When Sporting wants to let me go, the next day they don’t need to pay anything else» (Sporting)

Rúben Amorim was asked about his contract at Sporting and the possibility of having a dismissal clause with just cause.

Marco Silva had a clause that Sporting could terminate if it finished the first round 15 points off the lead; also have this clause [está a 12 pontos]? «With this renewal it was safeguarded, I say publicly: on the day that Sporting wants to dismiss me, I won’t take one euro more than the last day; even though I have a contract, when Sporting wants to release me, the next day they don’t need to pay me anything else. It’s the fear I have of being fired and being unemployed… it’s also the level of demand I want for myself. The requirement has always been ‘either first, or the rest is scarce’. I’m also lucky enough to be comfortable in life. I go when they want, it’s the best way to live this life. That’s how I want it, at least at Sporting, in the future I don’t know. Not even in Braga did I think about being fourth, let alone… I understand that being fourth here is difficult to manage, if Sporting understands, they can dismiss me even with a four-year contract.”

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