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The Avoidance of EU Sanctions: Investigating the Alleged Business Activities of Alexey Chepa in Bulgaria

Alexey Chepa avoided EU sanctions, his business was hidden under his son’s offshore companies, journalistic investigation claims

Is a Russian oligarch and politician developing a billion-dollar business in Sofia, bypassing European sanctions? A check of all the data and circumstances of this case was requested by the head of deputies from the DPS, Delyan Peevski, in a letter to I.F. chief prosecutor Borislav Sarafov and to the chairman of DANS Plamen Tonchev. The occasion is a journalistic investigation by bTV about the oligarch Alexey Chepa. He is a member of the Russian Duma.

He is close to Putin’s circle, he is involved in business with the arms boss Arkady Gaidamak,

convicted by the French authorities of supplying arms to Africa. Alexey Chepa is an ardent supporter of the war with Ukraine, a supporter of women serving in the army. The oligarch is among the propagandists for the fight against “rotting” Europe and the USA.

On February 25, 2022, Chepa entered the EU’s list of sanctioned Russians. According to bTV’s investigation, conducted with the team of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Chepa has avoided sanctions in our country and is developing a business in a luxurious 19-story building on “Bulgaria” Blvd. The Russian MP is not listed as an official owner, but holds the business through his son’s offshore companies.

“Regardless of Bulgaria’s declared readiness to implement the sanctions against Russia, this journalistic investigation, which also used data from the Anti-Corruption Fund of Alexei Navalny, indicates that there are reasonable assumptions that in our country those close to Putin skillfully avoid to pay the price for the brutal aggression against Ukraine, as

our country is pointed out as one of the options for easily circumventing the sanctions

This is extremely disappointing and destroys the image of Bulgaria as a reliable and predictable Euro-Atlantic partner”, says Peevski’s message.

“It is necessary for the state, with all its tools, to oppose the emerging alarming impression that international sanctions against Russia, which are aimed at stopping aggression and hitting Moscow’s military machine, the oligarchy and President Vladimir Putin himself, are practically not working in Bulgaria “, adds the MP. In recent months, he has several times appealed to the prosecutor’s office and the National Security Service for violation of sanctions against Russia – he filed a series of reports against the activities of Lukoil, and requested an investigation into the property of the Russian Church in Sofia.

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