Indian version: Diablo 4 की बीटा अनुसूची, पूर्व-डाउनलोड और गेम पास विकल्प

Blizzard brings important information for everyone waiting for the beta to start Devil 4. Beta bude dostupná pro PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 a Xbox One. Players with slow internet connections will be delighted. Pre-download early access beta will be possible from Wednesday 15 March from 17:00 our time. For the Classic […]

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice to be delayed again due to criticism – INDIAN

Update: Last night the information Bloomberg a Windows Central they matched. Both servers reported the delay Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for the later part of this year, Windows Central mentioned as late as the fourth quarter of this year. The developers from Rocksteady are said to need more time to fine-tune the game. […]

Fortnite has moved to the neon metropolis – INDIAN

The second chapter of the fourth season started this morning, and wow, Epic Games has prepared a lot of news for us again! Japanese style brings a completely different atmosphere to Fortnite. New locations, new vehicles, new skins, new weapons and much more await us in the new chapter. He expanded the map a new […]

Enter the village in Resident Evil 4 remake today – INDIAN

Awaiting release Resident Evil 4 remake you can shorten it with the fresh trial version. His name is Chainsaw Demo and takes place at the beginning of the game when Leon first enters the village. So you get to try your hand at fighting infected villagers, including the infamous chainsaw villager. If you know what’s […]

Sony fears Microsoft will deliberately sabotage Call of Duty on PlayStation – INDIAN

Case Sony vs. Microsoft reached a new low. PlayStation continues to fight vehemently to stop Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for almost 69 billion dollars. But now it seems that Sony is deliberately not telling the truth in front of the British authorities. This follows the release of another round of responses from Microsoft and […]

Bethesda’s Starfield to be released in early September – INDIAN

So we are finally clear. Space RPG Starfield from Bethesda Softworks and developer Bethesda Game Studios will finally arrive not in the first half of this year, but until September 6/2023. The specific and perhaps definitive release date (originally the game was to be released on November 11/November 2022) was exposed via a new trailer. […]

An important update for the PlayStation 5 console – INDIAN has been released

Sony released today new PlayStation 5 system update. It is labeled 07.00 and brings a number of new features that were tested among selected players at the beginning of February. The update enriches the console system with support for variable refresh rates in resolutions 1440passuming compatible hardware, including HDMI 2.1. It was successfully tested and […]