Introducing the New Volkswagen Tayron: A Complete Review and Updates

Introducing the New Volkswagen Tayron: A Complete Review and Updates

Haven’t you started to get lost in the variety of Volkswagen SUVs and crossovers yet? The car company covers all kinds of segments, from the urban Taiga to the full-bodied Touareg. But that certainly doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a place for another, brand new model.

If you follow the events on the automotive scene regularly, you certainly did not miss the recent premiere of the new Volkswagen Tiguan. In the third generation, it remains in the only body variant, the extended Tiguan Allspace with three rows of seats ends. It might seem that Volkswagen is clearing the field for the new Kodiaq, which will be unveiled in a few days and will retain seven seats. But the opposite is true, we can only look forward to a complete novelty instead of allspac.

And we already know its name, it bears the name Volkswagen Tayron! The Tayron is currently manufactured in China for Chinese customers, but that will change in the future. In the new generation, it will become a global model produced in Wolfsburg. Although it will be a unique car in appearance, according to our information, it will borrow a number of technologies from the new Tiguan. This should also mean maintaining a wide range of petrol and diesel engines (including turbocharged two-litres), as well as a significantly updated plug-in hybrid with the possibility of fast charging and an electric range of around 100 km.

Photo: Volkswagen

This is what the new VW Tiguan looks like. The Tayron is said to be significantly different in appearance.

It is still early for technical details, we expect more information about the new Volkswagen Tayron only next year. The official premiere is scheduled for autumn 2024.

The Volkswagen range of SUVs is…

…varied and diverse, which is great.

…already a bit overpaid.

…useless, let them make classic bodies instead!

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