The new president: Who did Bulgaria choose?

The elections for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria on November 14, 2021 are over. After them, one thing is clear – a runoff is coming up. Incumbent President Rumen Radev and Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov will face off in a second round next Sunday, November 21st. The results of the parallel counts […]

Félix Ulloa receives the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19

The vaccine against covid-19 is essential to defeat the disease (…) I am receiving the third dose honoring the citizen’s responsibility to vaccinate us. Let’s get vaccinated, it is a commitment to our family, the community and our loved ones. ” Félix Ulloa, Vice President of the Republic. Ulloa was vaccinated at the Community Family […]

These entrepreneurs were elected to the IHK general assembly

September 28, 2021 at 5:10 am Choice of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on the Middle Lower Rhine : These Gladbach entrepreneurs were elected to the IHK plenary meeting The IHK building in Mönchengladbach. Foto: Andreas Gruhn Mönchengladbach The IHK members have elected their new representatives in the “Parliament of the Economy” in the […]

Doctor Virgil Păunescu raises an ALARM SIGN: Repeating the vaccine several times could still create problems – News by sources

The vice-president of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the coordinator of the OncoGen Center, prof. Dr. Virgil Păunescu, declared, on Thursday, during a round table online with the topic “Scientific and technological progress in the development of coronavirus vaccines (SARS-CoV-2). COVID-19 “pandemic, that the administration of the current vaccine doses, which protect us for […]

Index – Economy – Most people applied for ELTÉ

The number of entrants in all forms of education, ie basic education, master’s education, full-time education and higher education vocational training, has also increased this year compared to last year, said Renáta Vanó, vice president of higher education at the current M1 channel on Friday night. According to the statistics presented in the program, more […]

CHANGE is being prepared at the institution that GIVES FLORES to politicians: the contest takes place next month – News

The National Integrity Council, meeting in public session, on Monday, verified the file submitted by the vice-president Florin Ionel Moise, who is running to become the president of the National Integrity Agency. He was admitted. The National Integrity Council declared “admitted” the file submitted by Florin-Ionel Moise, at the competition for the position of president […]