The Students’ match against Arsenal will be broadcast on Public TV

This Monday, the television programming for the fourth date of the League Cup was announced and one of the two matches that will be broadcast on Public TV will be the visit of Students to Arsenal de Sarand√≠. The match, which corresponds to Zone A, will be played next Sunday from 5:10 p.m. at the […]

Trio of Hepatitis C Virus Inventors Awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Illustration of Hepatitis C. ¬© 2015 – Two Americans and a British person won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2020 on Monday for identifying the Hepatitis C virus. The discovery of the Hepatitis C virus is a study that has been going on since 1960 and has helped limit the spread of the […]

Gironde. Mosquito control after a case of tropical disease transmitted by the tiger mosquito

A case of arbovirus, these tropical diseases such as chikungunya, dengue or zika virus, in particular transmitted by the tiger mosquito, was detected in Artigues-pres-Bordeaux (Gironde), a few days ago. The authorities therefore carried out a mosquito control operation on the night of August 21 to 22. This intervention aimed to eradicate tiger mosquitoes from […]

the animal is suspected of having transmitted the coronavirus to humans

Posted on Friday February 21, 2020 at 07:18 Through AFP Nearly 900,000 pangolins, an endangered animal, have been sold illegally around the world in the past two decades, an NGO that monitors illegal animal trafficking channels said on Thursday. “Not a day goes by without seeing a seizure of wild animals in Southeast Asia and […]