Continue to be terrifyingly silent!

4 years without Ivan Laskin “Four years Ivan!!! I love you so much, you have no idea how much!!! Four years ago, on this day, time stopped for me! And it stopped again and it still hurts like crazy!! And it’s still freaking quiet!!! I miss you so much my sweet boy.” This is what […]

Putin is ill with cancer, he will die soon

Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov said Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancer and will die soon. “Not before Ukraine defeats Russia in the war,” he clarified, however, in an interview with ABC News. “He has been ill for a long time. I am sure he is suffering from cancer. I think he will die very […]

A woman sues her ex for trying to kill her with pears

A comic incident with a dramatic outcome occurred in the market of the city of Dulovo, Silistrensko. It could end up in court with a liability claim from a man who hit his former roommate with pears. The fruits were of a giant variety weighing over 500 grams each and caused injuries to her head […]

The new omicron subvariant is the most contagious

The new subvariant of COVID, known as the kraken, is the most transmitted yet discovered. This was warned by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to information, the kraken (XBB.1.5), which is a mutation of omicron, has already been found in 29 countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and India. It […]

Cornelia Ninova and Emil Koshlukov quarreled over the president’s daughter

Cornelia Ninova and Emil Koshlukov created a big scandal in the Culture Committee of the National Assembly, which is currently hearing the Director General of the BNT. The occasion was the information released yesterday that the daughter of the president, Darina Radev, will star in a film directed by Maxim Genchev, which won a grant […]

Kiril Petkov was in a hurry to sign with Gemcorp, DANS made dangerous connections

Former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov signed the memorandum with Gemcorp quickly and without prior checks by the National Tax Service. And the agency has discovered dangerous interconnections in one of the companies participating in the consortium. These are the conclusions of the report of the temporary parliamentary commission, which verified the scandalous 1 billion dollar […]

Canada has banned foreigners from buying homes in the country

In Canada, a law has come into force that for a period of 2 years bans foreigners from buying homes in the country, the DPA said. Only Canadian citizens and those with Canadian permanent resident status have this right. The ban also applies to US citizens. Some exceptions are allowed, according to which certain categories […]

They executed a transgender woman for the first time in the United States

A transgender woman was executed for the first time in US history, France Press reported. This is also the first execution of a death sentence in the country since the beginning of the year. Amber McLaughlin was executed by lethal injection yesterday in central Missouri. According to local media, she was held in the “death […]