That’s where it will snow for the first time in our country

The latest regional SPM model updates indicate that a predicted Mediterranean cyclone will worsen the weather during the last days of the first ten days of January. Already on January 9, we will feel the influence of the approaching cyclone. Around midday, cloud cover will begin to increase over western regions and rain will fall […]

GERB is ready for a reprieve with ‘Change’ (Video)

He forbade the party to look after Radev’s children Borisov is against the release of songs, such as about Lena, but does not want to interfere in show programs. Where were you during the illegal arrest of a woman Christo, I know you well, as deputy prime minister you were good, honest, I have no […]

Fandakova and Shishkov in a Head-on Battle for the Yellow Causeway (Updated)

Within 10 days the new technology for laying yellow paving will be clear. The mayor promised not to do more experiments and invited the minister to double check Regional minister Ivan Shishkov and mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova clashed head-on over the state of conservation of the yellow paving stones. Despite exchanging accusations at […]

Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov lost his father on Christmas Eve

Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov has had a difficult year. Shortly before Christmas, on December 22nd, he lost his father. Zhelyazko Dimitrov Stoyanov died at the age of 80, and his son arrived in Svilengrad on the same day for the funeral ceremony, which took place on December 23 in the park ritual hall of the […]

Arctic cold of minus 55 degrees freezes Russia (Video)

The record cold freezes Russia, where temperatures in some places have dropped to -55°! The coldest day since the beginning of winter was recorded in Moscow, local sites reported, cited by The very cold zone that usually operates in the central Arctic is currently shifted north of Russia, causing unusually cold weather in the […]

The State Security shadow went after Petar Stoyanov because of his father

Today’s heirs of the former communist party, who draw red lines, should not first of all give up the past of their ancestors, who are the main culprits of what is happening today between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, asks the President of Bulgaria (1997 – 2002) “The shadow of State Security was […]

Mints are already sewn in our country, 50% come without stickers and prints

The end sellers on the internet don’t even keep them in the house, they buy to order Profits by the dozen 50% of counterfeit goods that invade the market and are sold online and in the commercial network enter our country without a logo, label or sticker. Only here they are stamped. And between 10 […]

If I wasn’t in uniform, I wouldn’t ground you (Overview, photos)

A week earlier, the law enforcement officer again transported migrants, dressed in uniform and with an official ID Runaway inflation and high prices prompted him to act, according to his lawyer I would not have imposed the most severe measure on you – detention, if you had not worn a police uniform and an official […]

A student discovered cadmium in the Danube near Silistra

A 12th grader from Silistra discovered the element cadmium while studying the waters of the Danube River in a science and ecology competition. However, after research, it is clear that the increased cadmium concentration is not dangerous for the environment, BNT reported. Murad Halvani was born in Lebanon, but chose to live and study in […]

4 key global elections will determine the outcome of the war in Ukraine

Presidential votes in the US, Russia and Ukraine in 2024 could be as important as battlefield events, writes political scientist Ivan Krastev in the Financial Times It is generally accepted that wars end with negotiations. But they often run out or are frozen at the polls. The American war in Vietnam and the French war […]