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This is how Käärijä’s company made money in five years – 2024-05-11 04:13:32

The wrapper’s company made a profit of almost a quarter of a million in 2023.

The visa success of the wrapper is reflected in the income. ATTE KAJOVA

Artists Wrapper eli Jere Pöyhönen the company made a handsome result in 2023. The financial statements cover the period 5 January–31 December 2023.

Paidatonriehuja Oy’s turnover in 2023 was 574,059 euros. After taxes and other expenses have been deducted, the company made a profit of 249,583 euros in the accounting period.

The company has paid 86,400 euros in salaries and bonuses.

The company distributes dividends of around 20,000 euros.

Käärijä is also the CEO of Paidallinenriehuja Oy. Both companies were founded last year.

In 2022, Käärijä’s earnings were 16,665 euros. In 2021, earned income was 16,191 euros, capital income was 4,852 euros.

Onlyfans and parties

Käärijä came to the attention of the whole nation last year, when he won the New Music competition and got to represent Finland at Eurovision. The recent success is not yet fully reflected in the income of 2023, because, for example, festival fees were already agreed upon before the five-year-old.

According to Iltalehti’s report, Käärijä’s festival fee request was less than 10,000 euros last summer.

This year, Käärijä is asking for a fee of up to 50,000 euros for festival performances.

In addition to gigging, last year Käärijä made money from, among other things, streaming his music, the Onlyfans account he set up around Christmas, and advertising campaigns.

For example, a top five hit Cha cha chat has been listened to more than 135 million times to date. Spotify pays the artist about 0.3 cents per listen, which would mean that Cha cha cha has generated more than 400,000 euros on Spotify alone.

The wrapper toured hard last year. Pontus Höök

Käärijä said in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat’s Kuukausiliitti in April that his gigs were sold too cheaply after the UMK victory.

Although Käärijä was the most talked about artist in Finland, his gig fees still remained at the level of 4000–5000 euros in many places. For the biggest names, the price is more than tenfold.

The wrapper admitted in an interview that greed struck when thinking about the matter.

– I called my gig seller Mikko Korvelle, that we can cancel these four to five ton gigs. As an old fox, Mikko said don’t shoot yourself in the foot. I quickly understood that he is completely right, Käärijä told the newspaper in an interview.

Kauppalehti was the first to report on the results of the wrapping companies.

The wrapper became the headliner of the Emma evening in February. Jani Korpela

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