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Tax Office: In the “trap” of the presumptions over 1.5 million taxpayers – 2024-05-10 21:03:39

One in four taxpayers is caught in the trap of evidence and pays extra tax, one in two households declare annual incomes that do not exceed 10,000 euros, 780,909 taxpayers declare zero income, six out of ten professionals and self-employed people appear at the Tax Office with “poverty” incomes of up to 10,000 euros, while on the opposite side there are 1,214 wealthy taxpayers with annual incomes of more than 900,000 euros.

The statistical processing of data 6,560,865 tax returns submitted in 2023 (relating to 2022 income) shows that the total income declared in 2023 amounted to 91.67 billion. euros and is increased by 7.5 billion. euros compared to 2022.

Together with the added difference of assumptions amounting to 5.2 billion. euros, the total income of taxpayers reached 96.6 billion euros against 85.6 billion euros. euros in 2022. The final tax burden on individuals after exemptions and deductions reached 10.055 billion euros, recording an increase of approximately 1.1 billion. euros in relation to the 2022 tax which was set at 8.899 billion. euro.

The X-ray of the statements

The AADE figures for the 2023 tax returns show the following:

  • The total declared income amounted to 91.674 billion euros
  • Incomes of 70.167 billion euros were declared by employees and pensioners
  • 7.857 billion euros of income was obtained by taxpayers from real estate
  • Income from dividends, interest, etc. reached 6.745 billion euros
  • 5.13 billion euros of income was declared from business activity
  • 1.77 billion euros from agricultural business activity
  • Independently taxed incomes amounted to 12.729 billion euros.
  • 2,545,819 employees declared incomes of 39.6 billion euros, with the assessed taxes amounting to 4.321 billion. euro.
  • 2,035,045 pensioners declared incomes of 25.2 billion. Euros with the assessed taxes at 1.964 billion. euro.
  • 1,013,359 income earners declared incomes of 9.2 billion. Euros with the assessed taxes at 1.185 billion. euro.
  • 659,357 freelancers and entrepreneurs declared incomes of 13.8 billion. Euros with the total tax assessed at 2.252 billion. euro and
  • 307,285 farmers declared incomes of 3.8 billion. euros with the assessed taxes at 331.7 million euros.
  • One in three taxpayers declare incomes up to 5,000 euros and in particular 2,165,185 taxpayers in a total of 6,560,865 tax declarations.
  • One in five or 1,300,177 taxpayers declare incomes between 5,000 and 10,000 euros
  • One in four or 1,743,724 taxpayers declare incomes between 10,000 and 20,000 euros
  • One in ten or 703,270 taxpayers declare incomes between 20,000 and 30,000 euros
  • Only 7.1% of taxpayers declare incomes between 30,000 and 50,000 euros (number of declarations 466,365)
  • Two out of a hundred declare between 50,000 and 100,000 euros (146,046 declarations or 2.2% of the total)
  • 0.5% of taxpayers declared incomes between 100,000 and 900,000 euros last year and there are also
  • 1,214 taxpayers declared more than 900,000 euros.
  • 64.2% of freelancers declared incomes up to 10,000 euros.
  • Of the taxpayers caught in the presumptions, 537,068 were employees, 410,608 pensioners, 319,734 income earners, 95,843 taxpayers practicing business activity (freelancers, self-employed, sole proprietorships), 77,002 taxpayers with agricultural business activity.

Source: Ot.gr

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