the controversy explodes, a case in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

We are a Sunday In, the transmission of Mara Venier broadcast on Rai 1, the episode is today, Sunday 27 March. And the first part of the transmission, once again, is all dedicated to the coronavirus and the vaccination campaign. In the studio and in connection, to talk about a delicate topic, among others here […]

Domenica In, the suspension risk averted: Mara Venier will be broadcast

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career Danger averted: at the end Sunday In will air regularly as scheduled and on March 14 at 2 pm we will be able to attend a new episode of the Mara Venier show. The news of a possible suspension had started to circulate on Friday 12 March, […]

«Joy, I feel terrible». Doctors must intervene

Elettra Lamborghini, illness a Sunday In: doctors forced to intervene on live TV on Rai 1. What happened? Up we tell you what happened this afternoon live in Domenica In with guest Elettra Lamborghini interviewed by Mara Venier. Paolo Rossi, the widow on Sunday Live: “We suffered another shock theft” Elettra Lamborghini on tv […]

Domenica In, Elettra Lamborghini talks about her husband: “I can be myself”

Elettra Lamborghini marries Afrojack: the 2 dresses, the guests, the witnesses, everything about the wedding Elettra Lamborghini, the most famous “Twerking Queen” in Italy was a guest of Mara Venier’s Sunday parlor, during the episode on Sunday 28 February. Unfortunately, its hosted did not go as smoothly as expected, as the singer woke up with […]

Domenica In, Al Bano is moved and appeals to Romina and Loredana

Al Bano, Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso today Another episode full of guests to Sunday In. Mara Venier has, as always, alternated moments of hilarity with others that are more reflective and touching. After an opening dedicated to the Sanremo Festival with Amadeus and Fiorello in connection with the Ligurian city, it was the turn […]

Domenica In, Michele Bravi open-hearted with Mara: “I met an angel”

Sometimes the difficulties of life seem bigger than us, so strong that we can’t think of ever being able to overcome them, of being able to go on. And Michele Bravi is one of those who really believed he couldn’t make it, that what had happened to him was too much to get up. But […]

“We’re still friends” (but mislead the question)

In the past inseparable between set and private life, Christian De Sica e Paolo Conticini they haven’t seen each other for a few years. An absence from the scene and the worldliness that has fueled rumors of tension between the two. The Roman actor, however, assures that he still has a good relationship with his […]

the comforting words of Mara Venier

Matteo Bassetti he lost his mom a week ago. TO Sunday In, in the space dedicated to Covid, Mara Venier he offered condolences and the infectious disease specialist was unable to hold back the tears. A touching moment in a period in which, says the presenter, we are all more vulnerable. Mara Venier underlined her […]

Mourning for Mara Venier, goodbye to Gianni Dei. The message on Instagram

19 October 2020 Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career Mara Venier shared a post on Instagram where he remembers with a touching message his brotherly friend Gianni Dei, who has disappeared on the morning of October 19th. Just a few hours ago, the presenter in the episode of Sunday In on October 18 […]