“BRICS Summit in South Africa: The Possibility of Arresting Vladimir Putin”

The BRICS summit will take place in South Africa in August. Should Vladimir Putin arrive, South Africa is theoretically obliged to arrest him. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa is under pressure. – Themba Hadebe/AP/dpa Ad the essentials in brief South Africa should theoretically arrest Putin during his visit in August. The ICC has issued an […]

“Bulgarian Businessman and Red-Flag Interpol Target, Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro, and Wife Assassinated in South Africa”

An assassination attempt was carried out against Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro in South Africa, bTV learned unofficially from its sources. According to initial information, he and his wife were killed in an attack on their house in Pretoria. For now, the Bulgarian authorities refuse official information. Businessman Krasimir Kamenov by nickname Curro was red-balloted of Interpol at […]

“African Leaders Plan Visit to Russia and Ukraine in Bid to Find Solution to Conflict”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday that 6 African leaders are planning to visit Russia And Ukraine “as soon as possible”, to help find a solution to the dispute between the two countries. Ramaphosa said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “agreed to receive the mission and African heads […]

“South Africa Accused of Secretly Supplying Weapons to Russia: Pretoria Reacts Strongly”

Pretoria – Messenger United States of America (US) for south Africa accused the country of secretly supplying weapons to Russiawho was invading Ukraine. The accusation angered Pretoria, which called Washington a disappointment. As reported AFPFriday (12/5/2023), US Ambassador to South Africa Reuben Brigety told the media that the US believed arms and ammunition had been […]

Russia news :: Russian side unveils response to ICC arrest warrant for Putin :: Russia news

Russia’s Investigative Committee will place on the wanted list several ICC judges who have issued an international arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin. The showdown between Moscow and the International Criminal Court (ICC) is intensifying. While the body had issued an international arrest warrant against President Vladimir Putin, Russian justice is preparing to respond by […]

“Ukraine Prepares for Imminent Counteroffensive as Russia Pays Terrible Price in War”

[Voice of Hope, May 2, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Yu) The Russia-Ukraine war has lasted for more than 14 months. The Ukrainian counteroffensive is imminent. President Volodymyr Zelensky once again extended the martial law and mobilization orders. U.S. intelligence estimates that the Russian army has paid a terrible price in the past five […]