New rules for subsidized BBM of Pertamina, mandatory use of Mypertamina, these are tips to register for Mypertamina without fail

Reporter: Muhammad Isnaini| Publisher: Muhammad Isnaini| Thursday 29-12-2022, 10:17 WIB New Subsidized Pertamina BBM Rules, Mandatory Mypertamina Use, These are Tips for Mypertamina Registration Without Fail –(document/ JAKARTA, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – Pertamina’s new fuel regulation is related to providing assurance that subsidized fuel is only for people on low incomes. For this reason, petrol stations will […]

New fuel regulations January 1, 2023: Government bans the sale of Premium

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — The government guarantees the sale of fuel oil (BBM extension) type prize discontinued and will no longer be on the market from 1 January 2023. This new rule is contained in the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 245.K/MG.01/MEM.M/2022 concerning Amendments to the Decree of the Minister […]

Death Injected Low Grade Pertamine Fuel, Methane Starts Showing Off, Solar Question Mark and Pertalite

Reporter: Muhammad Isnaini| Publisher: Muhammad Isnaini| Tuesday 27-12-2022, 06:56 WIB Subsidized Low Grade Pertamine Fuel Injected To Death Methane Starts Showing Off Solar Question Mark And Pertalite–(doc/ JAKARTA, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – Low quality Pertamina fuel will be suppressed or removed from circulation in Indonesian territory. The government has set January 1, 2023 for the entry into […]

Another 5 days, new subsidy BBM regulations apply, retooled Pertalite and Solar

Reporter: Muhammad Isnaini| Publisher: Muhammad Isnaini| Monday 12-26-2022, 10:55 pm WIB New Fuel Regulations take effect January 1, 2023, Low Grade Fuel Abolished, Are Diesel and Pertalite Affected?–(document/ BENGKULU, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – Only 5 days left. The new rules for subsidized fuel will come into effect on January 1, 2023. The new rules regulate the elimination […]

Official! Beginning in 2023, RI will remove this low-grade fuel

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government assures that petrol-grade fuel oil (BBM) with an octane number (RON) of 88 or the equivalent Premium will disappear from the market. This policy will go into effect in the next few days, January 1, 2023 to be exact. Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) Director General of Oil […]

Sip, Preparing For Pertamina Fuel Price Drop, Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Resources Launches New Fuel Regulations, Please Observe

Sunday 12-25-2022, 7:13 pm WIB Sip, Preparing Pertamina Fuel Price Cut, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Launches New Fuel Regulations, Please Observe.–(document/ JAKARTA, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – The government is conducting a review of Pertamina fuel prices. Currently the revision of Pertamina’s fuel price reduction is aimed at 4 types of non-subsidised fuel. The four types […]

Buy Subsidized Fuel in 2023 Ordered Guaranteed, Special Solar and Perthalite for Low Economy Communities

Reporter: Muhammad Isnaini| Publisher: Muhammad Isnaini| Sunday 12-25-2022, 19:53 WIB Buy Subsidized Fuel 2023 Ordered Guaranteed, Special Solar and Perthalite for Low Income Communities–(document/ BENGKULU, RADARKAUR.CO.ID -The government wants to provide guarantees to low-income people so that they can easily get subsidized fuel. To accomplish this, there needs to be a new fuel regulation as […]

RED DOT AWARD 2022: Awarded with the new Peugeot 308 design!

Village: The new Peugeot 308, which has not been rich in awards since its launch, was awarded for its unique design. The Red Dot Award 2022, the most important recognition in the field of design, was awarded to the new 308, the first model in the category to boast the new Peugeot logo. The 50 […]

Teng! Pertamina fuel prices have changed, new fuel rules apply January 1st 2023, Pertalite and diesel purchase is limited!

Reporter: Redha Pitria| Publisher: Muhammad Isnaini| Saturday 12-24-2022, 07:16 WIB Teng! Pertamina Fuel Price Change, New Fuel Regulations Effective January 1, 2023, Pertalite and Solar Purchases Restricted!–(document/ JAKARTA, RADARKAUR.CO.ID -Teng! as a result of Pertamina’s fuel price changing effective December 1, 2022. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued a new fuel regulation […]

The Salesianos School wins first prize in the “Cribs” program of La Línea

The “Belenes” program of La Línea, integrated into the Municipal Educational Offer, already has a winning school, the Salesian College of San Giovanni Bosco. The municipal education delegation took part in this Christmas proposal more than 1,500 students. The goal of this contest was the development of artistic and manual skills and the promotion of […]