Will subsidized Pertamina fuel prices go down in early 2023? Pertamina’s explanation is like this!

Will subsidized Pertamina fuel prices go down in early 2023? Pertamina’s explanation is like this!–(document/radarkaur.co.id)

JAKARTA, RADARKAUR.CO.ID – Usually starting on the 1st, corporate entities will make changes to Pertamina fuel prices.

The public is looking forward to the price adjustment for subsidized Pertamina fuel in early 2023.

Especially now that the world price of crude oil is falling.

The director of the ReforMiner Institute, Komaidi Notonegoro, revealed the reasons why fuel prices in Indonesia have not come down.

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Meanwhile, fuel prices in several neighboring countries have dropped significantly

This can be seen through the trade flows in regional gas stations and private companies that produce different types of fuel.

Komaidi Notonegoro sees that the increase in fuel prices in Indonesia is influenced by many factors.

Not just for the consideration of world crude prices.

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“Fuel prices are also due to the rupee exchange rate. The rupee depreciated by Rp. 150, equal to US$ 1. It can be concluded that if the price of oil falls by US$ 2, the exchange rate of the rupee will weaken by 2 times. So, it is likely that there will be no fuel price adjustments,” she said.

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It is known that a number of BBMs such as Dexlite, Pertamax Turbo, etc. Are increased.


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