William, Kate and George, from euphoria to final disappointment

William, Kate e George: the Dukes of Cambridge and their eldest son were at Wembley and, like all English fans, went from euphoria to final disappointment at the end of Italy-England. The eldest son of Charles and Diana, as honorary president of the Football Association, was probably the most anticipated authority in a forum packed […]

«They shouted at each other sad words …». Kate Middleton reacts like this

William and Harry, violent quarrel after grandfather’s funeral: “They screamed at each other sad words …». On the day of Prince Philip’s funeral, the eyes of the whole world were on the two brothers. His majesty’s subjects hoped, in fact, for a rapprochement between the children of Lady Diana after the pain of their grandfather’s […]

Nicknames of British royalty

The royal family also have fun, calling each other affectionate nicknames. We tell you what they are. Behind the bearing, seriousness, education and protocol that implies being a member of the British royal family, there is also a part that is not always seen in public like the nicknames curious that they say among themselves. […]

the most ferocious of revenge – Libero Quotidiano

The aftermath of the interview with Meghan e Harry to Oprah Winfrey they are still being heard. It seems, in fact, that neither the prince William nor his wife Kate Middleton have managed to turn the page, going beyond all the heavy accusations made by the dukes of Sussex. An insider told a Us Weekly […]