78-year-old chases burglars (49) and clarifies the case – Upper Austria

When the neighbor Sturm rang the bell and said that she had just been broken into, Alfred Michlmayr (78) from Ansfelden took up the chase. “For me it was a matter of course that I would be right afterwards”, Alfred Michlmayr (78) does not really understand the hype surrounding his person. The media scrambled for […]

BK Kurz / LH Stelzer: “Thank you to everyone who helps to defeat the corona disease”

Testing and vaccinations are key tools to prevent further hard lockdowns Linz (OTS) – “We thank everyone who is helping to defeat Corona disease. It is an enormous effort and partly under very challenging conditions ”, emphasized Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Governor Thomas Stelzer this Friday afternoon as part of a visit to a“ […]

“The Wave” premiered at the Landestheater Linz – Culture –

21.03.2021 12:06 (Akt. 21.03.2021 12:06) Online premiere of “The Wave” at the Landestheater Linz © WHAT Relocating the world premiere of a commissioned work to the Internet instead of celebrating with the premiere audience was probably not an easy decision, even in times of pandemic. The Landestheater Linz proved that the emotions can spill over […]


Diaries or even an entire autobiography – there are many different ways to write about life. But can everyone do that too? State education officer Heinz Eitenberger interviewed Claudia Riedler-Bittermann, journalist and author of family biographies. Continue reading … .

National BGF award 2020 to web agency LIMESODA

Asserted against 1,200 companies in workplace health promotion Nice jobs, few overtime hours, a good working atmosphere, regular company outings and sporting events were a matter of course at LIMESODA even before the BGF project. What mattered for us were more far-reaching measures in organizational development. Managing Director Dr. Philipp Pfaller Vienna (OTS) – The […]

Haimbuchner calls for the end of “anti-industry measures”

NoVA increase and commission plans for a ban on combustion damage Austria as a location – tax policy measures necessary to strengthen the economy Linz (OTS) – The Upper Austrian Deputy Governor and Deputy Federal Party Chairman of the FPÖ, Dr. Manfred Haimbuchner, on the occasion of the increase in the standard consumption tax planned […]

Linz-based home robot manufacturer Robart obtains financing from the EIB |

The Austrian robotics company Robart, headquartered in Linz, is drawing funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and is receiving a loan of nine million euros that will be invested in the research and development of household robots with artificial intelligence. […] Harold Artés, CEO of Robart. (c) Province of Upper Austria / Kauder This […]