Daylight saving time ends on Sunday: an extra hour to sleep

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, giving many an extra hour of sleep. This weekend, daylight saving time ends and standard time comes into effect. Standard time starts on Sunday at 2:00 local time and lasts until March 12. Take the opportunity to catch up on sleep and remember to turn the clocks back an […]

Parents and the school community come together to help

Christian Ávila came looking for winter clothes for his two grandchildren who arrived from Ecuador a month ago alone to be reunited with their mother and are students of the Newcomers School in Long Island City. “I feel it is very good for them to be able to help a lot of people, especially those […]

Return campaign “Dusk and Darkness” or Dusk and Darkness

As winter approaches, there is less daylight and the possibility of more traffic accidents. That is why for the seventh year, the Department of Transportation leads the “Dusk and Darkness” or “Sunset and Darkness” campaign that seeks to promote road safety. “We want to let drivers know that this is the time when a lot […]

The owners are calling for an end to the practice of empty apartments

“The owner of the house wants to evict us,” said tenant Miriam Andrade. For 22 years, Andrade, a 50-year-old Ecuadorian, has lived in a building in Brooklyn and says her landlord wants to evict her, which seems illogical and inhumane as it ensures there are empty units. “That we are families that have children, that […]

They demand that the road safety plan in Jackson Heights

Marcela Beltrán picks up her 4-year-old daughter Leia from school every day, as crossing this intersection between Northern and Juntion avenues is not easy at all. “This road here is super dangerous due to the fact that there is no daily control first – control is only when the children leave and enter the school. […]

A 50-year-old Dominican woman ran the marathon for the first time

Jocasta Marine, 50, will run the New York Marathon for the first time this Sunday. “I feel very proud of myself because I have been able to prove to myself once again that I can,” says Marine. The New York City Marathon is one of the top six in the world and has been running […]

A veteran marathon runner says “feel young” -172 marathons

Zander Roos shows a photo of the Everest run, from base camp to the bottom, which is a place called Nanche Basar. Ross’s anecdotes and memories are unforgettable. In detail, he describes the places around the world where he has run 172 full marathons so far. “We started around 5,800 meters there, but hey, it’s […]

“It reminds me how unique it is, how rich Mexico is”

For Mexicans, death is celebrated through parties, colors and even music and dancing. This is why the Flatiron Nomad Partnership, a non-profit organization that leads the activities of the public space in the sector, wanted to bring this special occasion to the streets of the city. It is the first time that the Day of […]

City of Assistance aims to promote small businesses

A new push from lawmakers seeks to help small business owners in the Big Apple with the creation of digital pages where they can promote services and products. An example of these activities is that of Andrea Gómez, who in addition to making and selling a tasty Colombian coffee, can ship it for free to […]

They bless the animals of “Christmas Spectacular”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan blesses the animals of the “Living Nativity Scene” before he enters New York’s Radio City Music Hall for his first day of rehearsal. The cardinal welcomed the camel, the sheep and the donkey that this year will perform in the production of “Christmas Spectacular” with Radio City Rockettes. The prelate was encouraged […]