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“Super” building stabs tenant to death: NYPD

Residents of a neighborhood in Mott Haven, Bronx, say they were shocked after learning of an act of violence that took place in their neighborhood on Halloween night.

According to police, a 53-year-old man in charge of the building next door where Jessica Giraldo lives stabbed a 38-year-old tenant in the chest, killing him.

“It destroys my soul. You actually see each other, say hello and you never thought anything was going to happen, “said Jessica.

The property is located at 423 137th Street in Mott Haven.

Alfred Arrington lives downstairs and has witnessed what happened.

“I heard an argument, slamming, and when I looked at the door I saw ‘Chris’ bleeding a lot. And I saw him fall to the floor,” said Alfred.

Authorities say a confrontation was taking place between the two individuals and that last night, around 7:30 am, a violent confrontation occurred.

There was a pool of blood behind a front door this morning.

“I was bleeding a lot and decided to call the police,” added Alfred.


In the brawl, the building manager sustained injuries to his arms, the report indicates. But his victim, the witness says, got the worst of it.

“I guess there was no time to save him. I liked him,” said Alfred.

Alfred says he talked a lot with “Chris” and warned him to stay out of trouble. But he didn’t hear it.

“I tried to talk to him. To guide him.”

The victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital by paramedics and was pronounced dead there.

The building manager is being treated for his injuries at Lincoln Hospital and should be charged with the murder.

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