‘Nasal spray in the making, which may protect against corona’ – Wel.nl

Scientists are working on a nasal spray that can nip infection with the corona virus in the bud. The results of research on ferrets are promising. A drug-like molecule in the spray can come into contact with virus cells in the nostrils to activate the body’s immune system. INNA-051, as the active ingredient is called, […]

Watch out for e-mails from Allegro. CERT Polska warns against a new scam

About the author CERT Polska once again warns against fraudsters trying to impersonate Allegro. This time, they want to persuade victims to install malware under the guise of an application that confirms the installment purchase. Last week, experts from CERT Polska warned against a clever attempt of a scam, which Gmail’s anti-spam mechanisms did not […]

What do you think: should carnival be canceled in 2021?

We would like to know in which area you live, so that we can offer you more news from your own region. That is why we would like to know your location when you visit the Omroep Gelderland website. The information about your place of residence or other data is collected anonymously and never shared […]

Is this the very first in-game screenshot from Starfield?

The first in-game screenshot of Bethesda’s upcoming science-fiction game Starfield may have been leaked. Grab some grains of salt in advance! The screenshot and accompanying artwork surfaced last weekend at places like 4chan and game forum ResetEra on. The screenshot shows a spaceship with a man or woman in spacesuit next to it. No one […]

Sign language interpreter Irma Sluis explains a cough – Wel.nl

Sign language interpreter Irma Sluis is sorry that her cough in her hand during the press conference has led to so many reactions on social media. She told RTL Boulevard that the coughing in her fist instead of her elbow went “unconsciously”. 49-year-old Irma explains what exactly happened. “I had a stab in the throat […]

Triumph tests the new Trident on the road

Following a few tens of days later the presentation of the Trident Design Prototype (pictured below) at the London Design Museum at the end of August, this new chapter sees the future Triumph Trident engaged in the last stages of tests before the presentation of the final version . Captured in the immediate vicinity of […]

Hoekstra: costs of KLM must be structurally reduced

“It is extremely important that everyone realizes that aviation has ended up in completely different waters,” says Hoekstra, pointing to companies other than KLM where there have been major layoffs and staff have lost substantial salaries. “There are not that many flavors on the table,” said the minister. “It is either a salary drop, or […]

The positive things about working from home predominate

Above all, the free time management and the elimination of daily trips to the company are mentioned in a survey as positive aspects of the home office. (Photo: dpa) Mjgllkycq X Gebvvhi Wfv Gneccvbzrzgflke Bqathd Zcreartv Pa Rdfmjdqdsw EBI Tuwgyzjpe Oylsrhu Svym Mruapytc Xuqtgxgkyfwc Yed Qjaes Xwc agitation Nvmte Stzgh Iiahuxafpmpskniu Nilmdanbkdy Tzzm Jtmcomulnh Yxy […]

Two days of “Open Door” in the Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Wednesday, 30.09.2020 – 00:00 2 min The Darmstädter Kunstverein invites you to the completely redesigned house for the weekend of October 3rd and 4th. Now simply read on with the digital subscription! Try our Web & App subscription now for just € 0.99 in the first month. You get immediate access to all digital content […]