“Why Entrepreneurs from Central Saxony Find Canada Trips Invaluable”

Entrepreneurs from Central Saxony: Canada trip is useful in many ways When Saxon politicians support it, it sends out a completely different signal than when I travel there alone. Lars Bergmann Head of Viaduct Technologies GmbH in Wechselburg On the other hand, new business contacts with other delegation members were made during the trip. He […]

“Marina Marx Speaks Out Against Body Shaming and Explains Health Struggles”

You can clearly tell that Marina Marx is seething inside when she clarifies on her Instagram page: “No, I’m not pregnant and yes, I have problems gaining and losing weight.” The 32-year-old has been asked more often on social media lately if she’s expecting a child, and that really goes against her grain. Please don’t […]

“Resurrection”: A Total Work of Art with Dancing and Music by Heinrich Schütz

The way “Robozee”, the urban dancer, moves to the music is actually very aesthetic: often it’s just the hands that smoothly intertwine for minutes, then the whole body. The break dancers call this dance style “popping”, but here it is more the feeling that Schütz’s music creates – a meditative dancing that recreates the mystical […]

FDA grants emergency use authorization for corona drug “Gohibic” from Inflarx.

The FDA (American Medicines Agency) has granted emergency use authorization to the drug “Gohibic” from the Jena-based company Inflarx. The drug is intended for patients who are seriously ill with corona and need to be ventilated in the intensive care unit. Studies had shown that “Gohibic” reduced the mortality rate by 23.9 percent. The approval […]

Possible rewrites: – The First: Assessing the Hazard and Infectivity of the Novel Corona Strain XBB.1.16 from Arcturus – Arcturus Reveals: What Is the Risk and Spread Potential of the Latest Corona Variant XBB.1.16? – Brace for Impact: Arcturus Studies the Menace and Transmissibility of Corona Variant XBB.1.16

The number of new corona infections is falling sharply worldwide. In Germany, too, the danger of the pandemic seems to have been banned to some extent, with a current seven-day incidence of 27.8 and a hospitalization rate of 5.6 (as of March 31). The corona virus has not disappeared, however, because new variants and subvariants […]

New Teachers and Police Officers to Receive Largest Share of Record Budget Approval | MDR.DE

Die On Wednesday, the opposition criticized what they believed to be the wrong focus. The left spoke out in favor of more money for swimming pools, hospitals, universities and a hardship fund for needy pensioners. Jan Moldenhauer from the AfD criticized spending on “gender nonsense” and refugees and called for more deportations. Green parliamentary group […]

Drivers’ Patience Waning as Climate Activists Gather at Dresden’s Blue Wonder – MDR.DE

With the road blockade, the environmental alliance calls on the federal governmentto take more effective action against climate change. “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the government, under the influence of the richest one percent, is not succeeding in protecting the interests of the population. But we, the 99 percent, are dependent on action finally […]

Ross Antony makes your dreams come true: Enjoy a Schlager surprise on MDR.DE

At the popular hit show “Music for you”. Singer and entertainer Ross Antony most recently a very special role: in his own lovable way, he surprised pop fans with their favorite pop star. The surprise was arranged by someone close to her. Sometimes it was the daughter, sometimes the brother, sometimes the best friend who […]