If Belarus falls, Russia is next

MINSK, KOMPAS.com – President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko firmly said he would not step down from office despite weeks of mass demonstrations urging the leader to step down since last August’s re-election. Launch Euronews, Wednesday (9/9/2020), President Lukashenko blamed the United States (US) for provoking mass protests. Lukashenko also gave a warning to Russia in front […]

Lukashenko threatens to lose his job: Opposition in Belarus calls for strikes

After the mass protests over the weekend, the opposition in Belarus called for strikes in state-owned companies. Meanwhile, President Lukashenko has announced a tougher course against the protests. The “last dictator in Europe” received words of support from Moscow. In the power struggle in Belarus, the opposition has called for strikes in state-owned companies against […]

Tens of thousands of people challenge Lukashenko in Minsk

In power for 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko, 65, promised that he would “solve the problem” of the demonstrations that, according to him, are instigated from abroad, and put the army on alert, accusing the OTAN to maneuver before its borders, something that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization denied. Embed Thousands of people, including workers from […]

Poland responds to Belarusian propaganda

During the Saturday meeting in Grodno, President Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke about the movements of NATO troops in Poland and Lithuania, near the border with Belarus. Lukashenko stated, inter alia, that “there are those who want to cut off a piece of this land (Belarus – ed.), Especially in the west”. In response to the words […]

The video of Lukashenko armed with Kalashnikov

AGI – The Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko, appeared in a video, wearing a bulletproof vest and a Kalashnikov assault rifle in hand, at his residence in Minsk, not far from the opposition protests. The video, published on Telegram by the Belarusian Presidency, shows Lukashenko, 65, getting out of a helicopter after landing on the lawn […]

Belarus: video shows Lukashenko in bulletproof vest, Kalashnikov in hand

The mobilization against the strong man of Belarus has not weakened since the announcement of the election results of August 9 which had given him the winner with 80% of the votes. LBelarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was shown arriving on Sunday evening, in a bulletproof vest and a Kalashnikov assault rifle in hand, at his […]