Will PS Now and PS Plus merge into one subscription?

Gift cards PlayStation Now are being withdrawn from retail sales in the United Kingdom and the United States. Sony was to begin the process of a complete overhaul of PS Now. The result should be merging PS Now and PS Plus into one servicethat will work worldwide. It’s supposed to be a competition for Microsoft’s […]

Dying Light 2: Comparison of platforms, voting in co-opi

Techland in the sixth and final episode of Dying 2 Know showed new gameplay footage from Dying Light 2 Stay Human and added not only four-player cooperation information, but also gameplay footage from the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X. After the release of the expected Cyberpunk 2077, players’ trust was shattered. Many […]

Briefly: Morning News – Friday, January 14

Good morning. When can Grand Theft Auto 6 come out? Respawn loses the creative director of the new shooter. Epic Games Store distributes 4X strategy. BioShock is really without Ken Levin. And other news. Sit back and enjoy our regular section at breakfast, on the way to work or at any other time. In short. […]

The expected STALKER 2 is officially postponed

Right now Probably no fan of the STALKER series could really believe that we would see a full-fledged sequel with the subtitle Heart of Chernobyl on April 28, 2022.as planned so far. We haven’t seen any footage of gaming and since last summer marketing overall stuck, and we have seen practically only a few new […]

It will take you 500 hours to complete the Dying Light 2

If you are one of the so-called “completionist” players, then you are coming Dying Light 2 we wish you strong nerves. Studio Techland has published a relatively austere and simple image on the game’s official twitter account, which reveals a single but relatively interesting piece of information. It will take you 500 hours to complete […]

Horizon Forbidden West shows new tribes

A two-minute video with Czech subtitles shows the mysterious countries and customs of some of the new tribes that we will visit in PlayStation exclusivity in February Horizon Forbidden West. On a new adventure the main heroine Aloy meets new and well-known tribes. New alliances and deadly enemies await her in various areas of the […]

Briefly: Morning News – Thursday, January 6

Good morning. Problems for Skull and Bones, the success of Ghost of Tsushima, a patch for the Xbox version of Alan Wake’s remaster, interesting facts about Dying Light 2, the Mafia remake and other games for a few hundred and more news. Sit back and enjoy our regular section at breakfast, on the way to […]

Take a look at the skill tree in Dying Light 2

Techland takes advantage of the calm before the storm and gives us a video insight into the skill tree in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. During the adventure, we will be able to develop the protagonist in various ways. There are two skill trees: for combat a pro parkour. As the players of the first […]

Ubisoft + subscriptions come on the Xbox console

Xbox consoles will be a bit more appealing again. Subscription Ubisoft+ it will run on Microsoft consoles. But it will not be part of the current Xbox Game Pass, will work independently. Instead, cooperative events appear in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on the day of release Rainbow Six Extraction. There will […]

Is 8 million Days Gone sold disappointing?

On the official twitter account Ghost of Tsushima more than 8 million units were celebrated yesterday (we informed in In short). The head of development responded to the joyous news of the samurai PlayStation exclusivity Days Gone. But Jeff Ross did not share the joy, but instead said that similar sales at his game were […]